We strive to empower people and communities with seaweed

We isolate seeds from seaweed that grows along the shoreline across
Japan and operate cyclic land-based aquaculture using underground
seawater, minimizing negative impact on the environment.

Our mission is to empower people and communities through cultivation
and consumption of high quality seaweed while working with local communities.

Technology to isolate seeds
from seaweed from all over the world

Pure and mineral-rich underground
seawater is perfect for seaweed and earth

Stable water temperature and optimal sunlight
absorption accelerate growth throughout the year

Ensuring the highest quality seaweed
that is extremely aromatic and with vibrant color

Underground seawater × Land-based aquaculture
Circular aquaculture system to empower people and communities

Underground seawater refers to natural ocean water that
permeates through the ground from the ocean and eventually springs out.
Naturally filtered, extremely clean and transparent underground seawater
promises stable water temperature year round, which promotes growth of
seaweed throughout the year that is rich in color and flavor.
Our workplace model emphasizes demographic diversity that
ensures employees engagement and motivation.

[Our uniquely designed production facility and green laver seedling method are patent pending]

Our seaweed farmsHere are our local production facilities where seaweed is grown across Japan

高知県 室戸市
Muroto, Kochi
高知県 安芸市
Aki, Kochi
高知県 春野町
Haruno, Kochi
三重県 尾鷲市
Owase, Mie
愛媛県 今治市
Imabari, Ehime

Online store

Online store

Sea Vegetable produces and sells highly aromatic and with vibrant color SujiAonori grown in Japan

About Us

We began our research on compound aquafarming of seaweed and
abalone utilizing Deep Sea Water(sea water drawn from the depths of the ocean)
in 2009 at Muroto, Kochi, which was later commercialized.

April 2016 was a landmark year for us as we became the pioneer in
establishing a cutting-edge method of land-based seaweed aquaculture using
underground seawater, which led to the launching of Sea Vegetable Company LLC
where our goal lies to empower people and communities with seaweed business.

Jun Hachiya (Co-CEO | Right in the photo)

Originally from Okayama. He received the Minister of Education Award for technology at business plan contest for his submission titled, “Compound Aquafarming of Abalone and Seaweed Utilizing Deep Sea Water(sea water drawn from the depths of the ocean), while he majored in aquafarming at Department of Agriculture at Kochi University. As he continued to devote himself to his research and completing his master and doctoral degree at Kochi University, he founded a general incorporated association, Umiji, where he and Yuichi worked together to develop processed food with local resources as well as to organize gathering events across regions.

Yuichi Tomohiro (Co-CEO | Left in the photo)

Originally from Osaka. Graduated from School of Commerce, Waseda University, he traveled around Japan to visit more than 70 rural agricultural and fishing villages. As he spent time with locals and discovered unique values that each person acquired through their own lifestyle, he met Jun in 2009. In addition to his project in Muroto, he launched a general incorporated association called Tsumugiya after the Great East Japan Earthquake, which supported a group of mothers in Oshika Peninsula, Ishinomaki to open a bento box shop, “Boppora Dining Kitchen”. He also runs “OCICA”, an accessary shop that features deer horns. He enjoys creating jobs that bring happiness to people in the community.

Ryutaro Yamamoto (Consultant)

Ryutarou is a lawyer. After graduating from Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University, he completed Graduate School of Law at Nagoya University. He has been actively involved in ventures and social ventures. He has served as an adjunct instructor (venture-related law) at Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University since 2016.

  • 688-9 Ananaiotsu, Aki, Kochi (HQ)
  • 2-36-18-301 Asahigaoka, Nerima, Tokyo (Tokyo office)
  • Phone: +81-887-37-9835

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