About the shape of the adhesion and surface found in Shiizakura

Seaweed is an alga that grows in the sea. It is also called "sea basket in the sea" and is a place to live in small creatures in the sea. For this reason, we wash after harvest and remove foreign matters, but we may see adhesive as shown in the photo below.

Since all of them are natural, it does not affect the human body even if you enter the bite, but it can be easily removed with your fingers, so please wash it off with water before serving.

Also, as shown in the photo below, the same red seaweed as Tosakanori may be attached. You can enjoy it without any problems with Tosakanori, but if you are worried, please remove it before enjoying it.


A part of the surface of the tusakanori may be crushed. It is not a disease, but a new branch part is coming out, so you can enjoy it without any problems.

Also, partially removed color is the phenomenon of dried out.
You can't eat it, but if you see it, remove it and eat it.

If you have any other points, please contact us.