[Ended] Tosakanori release commemoration! Limited quantity of siebegitable original Mozuku

*** This campaign has ended ***

This campaign has ended with many people purchasing.
Thank you to everyone who purchased it!
We are considering the next project.
Please look forward to it! !


This time, you can use it for both cooking and sweets.Shiozura and SakanoriWill be newly released.

At the time of release, customers who have more than 7,000 yen, including "Shiozura and Sanaori", will receive a limited quantity original Mozuku.

This Mozuku is a phantom variety that is generally rarely distributed.

We are preparing for the full -scale shipment next year, and it is a product that has not been released yet, but this time it will be delivered specially for tasting.Please enjoy the strong stickiness and umami that is a bit different from the usual Mozuku.

This time, there are plenty of 500g to enjoy the deliciousness of this mozuku.There are plenty of eating with family and friends. If you eat every day, please enjoy it in various ways.

Staff who are captivated in the company, saying, "I want to buy a kilo!" "I want to eat every day!"

Please take this opportunity to taste the original Mozuku of Sea Begitability together with the new product "Shiozura and Sakanori"!

* Since the number of gifts is limited, it will end as soon as it is gone.


Please enjoy the hot water and enjoy it. It is recommended to eat it with Mentsuyu or three cups of vinegar. Mozuku's taste and dashi are good compatibility, and it is a delicious taste that can be eaten as much as you want.

You can also enjoy this stickiness even if you put it in a warm soup. It is recommended to put it in at the end without heating too much.

* This time, frozen products are thawed and sent. If there is a part that has not yet been melted, thaw in the refrigerator, soak in the bag in running water, thaw it before eating.

* Because it is a sample product, it is delivered in a business size of a simple package. Please note that packages and content may be changed at the timing of commercialization.

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