[Ended] "Sakura Hijiki" advance reservation will be sold * With special present

*** This campaign has ended ***

This campaign has ended with many people purchasing.
Thank you to everyone who purchased it!
We are considering the next project.
Please look forward to it! !



I would like you to try this product with a new texture of Hijiki, which has hardly been distributed until now, and the fresh cherry blossom scent! Therefore, those who make a reservation in advance will receive a limited quantity of "Sugi Blue Nori x Bonito Sprinkle". (1 bag gift will be given per order)

This sprinkle is a complete introduction sushi restaurant, which is a siebejitable partner chef.Vinegared rice shopSupervised by Daisuke Okada.

It is a very delicious sprinkle that combines the refreshing scent of the blue glue and the taste of bonito. The only raw materials are organic sesame and salt made from deep ocean water in Muroto.

The staff are very popular with "you can eat as much rice as you want!"
Since there is no plan to be released yet, it may be possible to eat this sprinkle now! ?
Please take this opportunity to buy "Sakura Hijiki".


*** Please see the introduction blog by Mr. Okada ***
From introduction of products to how to eat and match, we are introduced with a wide variety of photos, so if you read this, the range of ways to enjoy will be much expanded.

Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction!
Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction!

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