【Special / Reservation Ticket】Sea Vegetable's Seaweed Tempura Dish

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Chef Hiroki Oyama and Sea Vegetable are teaming up to open "Kaiso Tempura-ya" (Seaweed Tempura Shop) at "Sushiya" in Bunkyo City, Tokyo.

*This is a limited invitation event. For general admission, please purchase tickets from the provided link.

◉ Menu:

  • Seaweed Tempura Set Meal: ¥2,750 (tax included) *Includes 5 types of tempura, side dishes, rice, and soup

◉ Payment: Pre-payment is required

◉ Time: Starts at 11:30 AM

◉ Venue: 2-6-8 Suido, Bunkyo City, Tokyo


Please note the following:

  • Each electronic ticket reserves one meal. If you wish to reserve for multiple people, please add the desired quantity to your cart and complete the reservation process.
  • Cancellations are accepted via email (event@seaveges.com) until 4:00 PM the day before the event. Due to the preparation of meals for the reserved number of guests, cancellations on the day of the event cannot be accommodated.
  • Depending on the number of attendees, shared seating may be necessary. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please arrive promptly at the scheduled time.

First Opening of Tempura Shop

Teaming up with Chef Hiroki Oyama, we are offering tempura made with Sea Vegetable seaweed at "Sushiya" in Bunkyo City, Tokyo. Our goal is to introduce "seaweed cuisine," which has been widely loved from Michelin-starred restaurants to local izakayas worldwide. We are opening for a limited time to allow more people to taste the wonders of seaweed dishes.

Seaweed Tempura

Our "Seaweed Tempura Set Meal" includes 5 types of tempura (Suji-Aonori Seaweed Tempura, Atsuba Aosa Seaweed Tempura, Hijiki Seaweed Tempura, Suna Seaweed Onion Tempura, and Kashiwa Tempura), along with side dishes, rice, and soup.

Chef / Hiroki Oyama

With 10 years of experience as a sushi chef from the age of 18 for 6 years, Oyama apprenticed under Master Daisuke Okada at Sushi and Sumeshi-ya in Bunkyo City, Tokyo, Afterward, Oyama embarked on his own journey as a chef under the name "Kofuku Ryori Daisuki'' restaurant. The concept of the shop is to offer dishes that make people happy from the inside out, combining various cuisines such as Western, and Chinese in dinner courses while still respecting the traditions of Japanese cuisine. Oyama aims to open a restaurant where people can appreciate Japanese culture as well as feeling a sense of belonging and comfort like home.