Tosakanori (Domestic Shipping Only)


The Crimson Red brings out the best in dishes and sweets

Seaweeds are classified into three types: green, brown, and red algae. Among the red algae, the Tosakanori / Meristotheca papulosa is said to have the most distinctive color and texture.

The Tosakanori we offer is processed in salted water immediately after harvesting and it is close to its raw state. The original flavor and texture can be used in a variety of dishes. 

Tosakanori goes especially well with sour dressings and ingredients such as tomatoes, vinegar, citrus, and berry fruits.

Tosaka is a delicate seaweed that can melt at a high temperature. This property allows you to enjoy the change in texture and shape depending on your cooking method. Add the Tosakanori after the meal is heated to give it a chewy texture, or heat the Tosakanori to the melting point to make a jelly-like sweet.

The red color with a strong presence adds a nice accent to any dish.

Contents: 100g
Shelf life: 3 months 

[Important: Remove the salt before eating.]
After rinsing the salt with water twice, soak it in plenty of water for 2 to 5 minutes. Adjust the saltiness to your taste buds before serving.

<Eating Guidelines based on Soaking time >

2 to 3 minutes: When you want to use the salty taste (for sauce-dressed dishes.)
4 minutes: When you want to use it as a spice with a little saltiness left.(for salad or fried foods)
5 minutes: When you want to remove the salty taste completely (for desserts, etc.)

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・In rare cases, white powder may appear on the product. This derives from the natural ingredients and does not affect the quality.
・This product is produced in the habitat of shrimps and crabs.

This product will be delivered by cool flight for refrigeration.

・ Cool flight: 1,100 yen
* Delivering to Hokkaido or Okinawa will charge +200 yen for each delivery.
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The Hidden Charm of Tosakanori

"Seaweed full of beautiful flowery frangance "

Navigator: Shui Ishizaka

Shui Ishizaka

Shui Ishizaka, born in Melbourne, raised in Sydney. Winner of the Australian U30 culinary competition "Appetite For Excellence Young Chef of the Year," he took charge of culinary development as sous chef at Tokyo’s INUA restaurant, a two-Michelin-star winner in 2018.

Experimenting in Sea Vegetable’s test kitchen, he has uncovered the previously unknown taste profiles of more than 100 varieties of seaweed.He has also been participating in menu development for this spring’s "Noma Kyoto" pop-up.



















香り、形、大きさ、味… 色んな共通点がある中で、一番単純なのが同じ「色」で合わせてみること。海藻の色は、極端に言うと赤・緑・茶に分かれていて、それと同じ色の食材が世の中に沢山ある。






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