Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction!


Red and beautiful seaweed is this.
Suginori Eye Mirinaceae family To Sakanori
It is named because it looks like a chicken Tosaka.
The body is slightly thicker, branched into a sac, and the whole is a fan or palm -shaped.
Young individuals are all edges, but gradually, many twigs with different lengths are issued.
The branches are finer and finely branched.

How cute and colorful! !
Sometimes it has been launched on the coast, so
It has been a famous type of edible seaweed for a long time.
Tosakanori is a red seaweed in sashimi knobs and seaweed salads.
Isn't there a lot of people who have seen it?

Good quality delicious and delicious
One of the companies carrying the future of seaweedSiebigitableIs released on June 1, 2022.
A salt -brewing type that is easy to use and can be stored longer.

It is also attractive that it costs 500 yen for 100g.

[Features of Tosakanori]
The texture of "raw takanori" is crispy with a priping and playful texture.

The texture of "Shiozura Tokanori" is characterized by a plump texture in the crisp.
Left: Before salt drainer right: After salt

When I spread it carefully, it had such a beautiful shape.

Rinse the salt about twice with plenty of fresh water, etc.
It is like pickling in fresh water for 3-5 minutes, eating and watching the salty balance.
The following is a brief introduction in the video.

This is a rare natural fluttering. (Shiozura is on the left)
Even in areas that were originally collected, it was declining with great momentum, and I do not know what will happen in the future a few years later.
(As of May 2022, it has been designated as a consummation species of the Ministry of the Environment Red List.)
The detailed and wild appearance seems to be more individual differences depending on the stock, rather than natural.
This "Red Tosaka" is exposed to edible lime, which is a green color called "blue tako".
"White Tosaka" is the one that dried it in the sun further and decolored.
Tosakanori, which looks like the tip is finely branched as above,

In this way, the algae are a little wider,
It seems that the branches are wider and more likely to grow up in aquaculture.

"Like a autumn leaves (koyo)".
If there is a sensitivity that the sun hits and the changing pigment is regarded as a beautiful one,
Not only the red tokanori, but also the yellow tosakanori can also be naturally felt.

However, here is the well -conditioned red color in the original condition.

It is good that there are various colors for humans who serve food
An annoying reality that it is not easy to understand from the perspective of the production and shipping side.

The taste and characteristics of the tosakanori that have turned yellow are the characteristics as a material.
I would like to try it if I have the opportunity in the future.
Shiizakura of yellow Tosakanori is also anxious.

These grains are the part that makes the seeds called the sac.
Tosakanori will change the same type of generation between the double phase and a single -phase spore.
The quadruped spores are mature from early summer to the midsummer, formed a quarter of spore sacs on the surface of the leaves, and releases a four -part spore.

The four -part spores grow from autumn to early summer of the following year, and become male or female sponsorship.
The male and female spears are mature from early summer to the midsummer, as in the four -part spore.
The male sperm forms a sperm on the surface of the leaf, and the female spouse forms a hemispherical or cob -shaped color on the edge of the leaves.
Eventually, the sperm is released into the sea, enters the saker and fertilizes, causing cell division to become many fertilizers.
Later, the ferrums are released from the sac, and they grow in the same way as in a four -part spore, and the following year they have a four -quarter portrogen.
Did you understand the meaning?

Tosakanori is also a seaweed that lives in the sea, so
It is natural that there is a family (such as a living thing).

For example, it is the same as having insects when you wash vegetables or eggs.
If it is attached, just wash it.
We recommend that you wash and use it after washing and use vegetables.
Sea vegetables,
Because it is a siebejitable.

If it's a Shiozura Tokanori, just take something that can be found visually after draining.




These are sea creatures and their homes.
Although it is removed at the harvest site, it may be rarely adhered.
Both can be easily removed with your fingers, so if you see them, remove them.
"How to wash Tosakanori", in short, "Tosakanori preparation" is very easy.
If you spread the tusakanori, look at it, and find something other than Tosakanori, you can easily drop it with your finger.
Please be assured that you have never seen very scary or dangerous things on it.
In rare cases, if foreign substances cannot be adhered strongly, please tear them off.

In this way, there may be another seaweed of the same red algae.
Poisonous seaweed has not been confirmed, so please try it.
The texture is different and interesting.

There is no problem with this crunchy surface because new branches are coming out, not illness.

It is a phenomenon called dried out.
You can't eat it, but if you see it, remove it.

Tosakanori is
Store in the same way as ordinary vegetables
I think it is better to use up at the same pace as vegetables.
The great thing about Shiozura Tokanori is that you don't have to eat in a hurry.
And can you re -freeze it? ?

The photo is one week after putting it in a glass tapper.
It was used enough.
I feel that the feeling of texture has become stronger because it was dry.
There was no sign of corruption or corruption.
I think it's best to use salt as much as you use and use it immediately after salting.
If you have returned too much, or if you have trouble with salt many times
I will tell you that the return is refrigerated and you can do it without any problems for about a week.


This is still my personal impression
With salt -built -in salted.
What is frozen and thawed
The characteristics such as the texture are almost the same, and you can use it as usual without feeling the color loss.
There will be individual differences, and I still don't know what will happen in the long period.
I know it can be used enough so far.

Tosakanori has a unique taste and scent of red algae.
Some people love it, while others are not good.
It may be an ingredient that allows likes and dislikes relatively clearly.
It's natural because it's a matter of taste.

When boiled, Ficobirin's red pigment will dissolve more and more in water and become a light color.

If you boil it for about 30 seconds, it will stretch out and the scent will fade.
It looks like another food with a troutul texture.

Using a toro toro

It goes well with Chinese soups, toromi dishes and sweets.

I made use of the thickness
[Chinese soup of Tosakanori and Sujia Onori]
I am swimming in Suzia Onori.

[Torotoro Siebigitable Curry]
Along with vegetables, we boil various seaweed seaweed together.

If you eat raw, it is a seaweed that is completely suitable for [seaweed salad].
The photo is when I made it for the first time using a variety of seaweed seaweed.
The presence of Tosakanori was outstanding.

[Salt spicy from Tosakanori and squid]
The red algae smell has completely disappeared, and the session with the squid is very good!
Tosaka's pink is covered with squid cotton,
It becomes orange and light pink, but the taste is perfect.
Since salted spicy can be increased due to tusakanori, it may be good for izakayas.

Tosakanori is an outstanding compatibility in chilled Chinese food.
The sour sauce draws out the color of the fluttering and also changes the texture.

I put various seaweed
[Seaweed fruit punch] (Siebe -ji -ponchi)。
The compatibility with the acid and sugar contained in the fruits is also excellent, so even if you do not mix it in various ways.
[ONE Fruit x Tosakanori] will be a dish.

For example, "Muscat x Tosakanori".

Matches so easily.

It is a salad of Tosakanori and Shiba shrimp.

At this time, it was Caesar dressing,
After all, when oil, sourness, dairy products, etc. such as dressing are involved
It's hard to feel the red algae smell
I think that even those who are not good at this scent can be enjoyed deliciously.
By the way, the children who said they were not good at it ate this.

[Tosakanori orgyochi]
The thickness of the boiled tosakanori is exquisite!

It is outstanding for Taiwanese sweets
I guess this Turtur is a favorite texture that many people like.

I feel the potential to go out of the seaweed sweets specialty store. ^^

[Tosanori's orgyochi]

Tosakanori 100g
300ml of water
Favorite juice


Put the water in a pan and heat over low heat.
It will melt in 4,5 minutes, so
Stir so that it does not burn
When the tusakanori is about half -melted, stop the heat and cool it down.

Put it in a bowl, grapefruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice, etc.
Put the citrus juice as much as the Tosakanori and stir to complete it.
(This is the lemon slice and wolfberry that is served in the decoration this time.)

[Boiled Tosakanori black honey kinako]
This is a classic, but the taste and aroma are beautifully sweet.

Because it is easier to make than Tengusa, it can be easily made at home or at home.

By the way, it has been confirmed that it is delicious even with black honey kinako as it is without boiling.
Even if you apply olive oil on the way.
That's here

[Tosakanori's black honey kinako his olive oil]

It is one of the Tosaka desserts that I often do because I can make it immediately.

Mix the stock solution of the boiled and melted flutter and Calpis
It will be a delicious dessert that is too easy.
Although the amount of Calpis solution in the photo was a bit large.
The version with yogurt was even better.
I go between food and drinks.
It is better to remain a solid to some extent than to completely muddy.
I like Duldul.

Local cuisine using Tosakanori in Gowa -cho, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
I made [Tosaka Kon Nyak].

Put the finely chopped tosakanori in a pan and use water that can be just Hitahita.

I will do it over low heat.
Stir well until the moisture is almost gone, and do not burn.
After that, put it in a container and cool it in the refrigerator to complete.

A little sesame oil for pepper vinegar miso
And I was glad that the compatibility with Sujia Onori was outstanding.

You can eat as much as you want with Tulltur.
It was made with 100%Tosakanori, so it is softer than it looks.
In other words, it doesn't solidify like agar.
This dish is actually a bit high.

The taste is the same as a delicious one with blue glue, pepper and vinegar soy sauce.

This is really delicious when you eat it with Sujia Onori Warasa.

[Tosakanori and wakame salad]
It is a good place to not suffer because it seems to have a texture with wakame.

[Tosakanori and Harusame Namul]

The Harusame returned with hot water gives the hottest in the hot water
It is also good to do the main of the vermicelli salad.

Simple ones with salt and sesame oil are delicious
There is also a more sour taste and giving a sense of salad.
It is also recommended to accent the color, taste, and texture by mixing chopped pickles.

[Stir -fried Tosakanori oil]

Fry the meat and vegetables, stop the heat, and finish it.
Finally, mix the tusakanori and put a slight burning with the remaining heat of the dishes.

This method is generally recommended when mixing Tosakanori with heated dishes.
If it is too hot, it will melt, so it is just right to save the remaining heat in the dish.
I love the crisp Tosakanori, which turns a little bit of mochi.

< * When cooking Tosakanori>
After the cooking is completed, the heat is turned on after the heat is turned off
You can enjoy the plump feeling of Tosakanori.
For example, when making [Tosakanori and Sprouts Namul]
Boil the sprouts or warm in the range
Shake the salt as appropriate while it is hot
It is an image that sprinkles sesame oil and sacrifies the salted Tosakanori there.

[Baked rice nori and bean seedlings]
If you fry the rice noodles, meat and vegetables
Turn off the heat and finish it
Mix the Tosakanori,
Slightly heated with the remaining heat of the dishes.

Bean seedlings crunchy and sparse mochi
Matching the sound of rice fluffy.
This time, there were cabbage, bamboo shoot pork and shrimp
I put it in, but various vegetables, squid and shellfish, etc.
If the ingredients are too thin and the taste is thin, salt and pepper and Nampla are also outstanding!

The last few months
As if you became a [seaweed salad researcher]
I made a lot of seaweed salads.
Personally, I found various ways of eating because it is one of my favorite seaweed.

[Salad of Tosakanori and Hondawara]


Sunny lettuce (green)
Mini tomatoes (red)
French dressing

From such a simple salad to a salad full of ingredients
Tosakanori is very active in various salads.

* In the case of salads with such hue
By putting out white dressing
It has the effect of enhancing the existence and color of dark ingredients such as Hondawara.

[Salads of Tosakanori and Sunny lettuce]


Sunny lettuce (green)
Mini tomatoes (orange)
Sesame dressing

There is a salad that renews the atmosphere just by getting a color tomato other than red.
By serving so that the appearance can be seen more firmly than the green leafy vegetables.
Rather than vegetable -based salad, seaweed salad feeling comes out at once.

[Tosakanori and avocado salad]


Onion dressing with black vinegar

Any kind of dressing is OK.

If you eat all the materials together,

Dressing oil and smoothness of avocado match the texture of seaweed.

[Takanori and Sprout salad]
You can make seaweed salads easily and easy!
Just tear off the sprout and mix it!
Chorigi Dressing

[Salad of Tosakanori and chicken ham]


chicken ham
Mini tomato (yellow)
Japanese style dressing

Chicken, tomato, kaiware, walnut ...
Unless it is homemade, there are producers in the ingredients.
A seaweed seaweed with various producers and seaweeds are crossed
The food soul will be doubled.
The idea of ​​"x (kake) siebigitable"
It expands the world of seaweed salads.

[Tosakanori and kiwi salad]

Spring chrysanthemum

Tosakanori is compatible with fruits.
If you have sweet and sour fruits and oils
It tastes without dressing.
In the case of salads with only monotonous materials, it is just containing Tosakanori
The overall taste balance is set.

[Salad of Tosakanori and bamboo shoots]
Boiled bamboo shoots
New onion
Green jewel
Japanese style dressing

With a salad that left the dressing
There is a salad to keep dressing in advance
If you mix it in advance, the acid of the dressing will act on the tusakanori.
Because it develops brightly, it is effective in some cases.

[Tosakanori and spinach salad]
Sesame dressing

These two types alone will be enough.

[Red salad of Tosakanori]
Purple onion
French dressing

It has a strong presence in the same color salad
Rather, it is unsatisfactory without a lot of this.

[Salad of Tosakanori and grilled vegetables]
Paprika (yellow)
Asparagus (green)
French dressing

It is a lot of lining, but the children who disliked it
When I ate it with dressing, I found that it was a delicious seaweed, so I came to eat it.

[Tosakanori and pacchi salad]

Onion dressing

It is a delicious salad series with "ONE Veggie ONE Sea Big".

[Just mix it with a delicious and easy seaweed salad and baby leaf mix that can be made in one minute! ]

Baby leaf mix
With your favorite dressing

Vegetable saladmix systems are made of almost green.
Just add the tusakanori to a high quality seaweed salad at once.
Due to the influence of deep green to bright green, dark purple leaves, etc.
When the vividness of Tosakanori is likely to be erased
The color shines just by making it a white dish, not a black dish.

[Cold pasta made of Tosakanori and tomatoes]

Cut -cut tomatoes
Tomato pasta
Mozzarella cheese
Olive oil

Just mix tomatoes and tosakanori and marinade with salt, pepper, olive oil, etc.
The moderate acidity and the fluttering of the tomato respond to a good reaction to improve the color and texture.

I want it to be a summer classic menu in Italian, etc.
The existence of Tosakanori has helped a refreshing dish.
Of course, you can make it delicious even with a warm version.

One day, if the sushi restaurant's gully is seaweed.
(On the sushi is a rock seaweed tsukudani and a horny plum)


Just hit the plum together

[Gully of Tosakanori]
I don't think it's bad.

Just pickle it in gari vinegar with ginger

I think that the strength of the tusakanori is also the place where the texture is maintained even if it is stored for a long time.

[Sashimi of Aori squid and raw Sujia Onori]
The presence of Tosakanori!

Six kinds of seaweed and eat steamed oyster butter

[Tozakana, butter and steamed oysters]

Just let the umami soup from the steamed oysters suck with the paste and tangle the butter
Please enjoy Tulu

[Tosakana's fruit punch]

Seaweed fruit punch?

Before making
If you mix it with high acid citrus juice,

Make a more vivid color.

If you add gelatin to the fruit punch, it will be a seaweed jelly.


[Takanori fruit jelly (apple juice base)]

In Puru Puru jelly, Puri Puri and Sanori have a moderate presence.

With the sourness and sweetness of fruit
The scent unique to red algae is almost gone.
What is the name?
Seaweed jelly
Seaweed fruit jelly

[Assorted Takanori and Fruit]
For seaweed lovers, I want you to have a default in the fruit platter.

With a moderate reaction with fruit acid
The color of the paste has become vivid, and the texture that the fruit is not in the fruit is also good.

[Tosaka Nori's Kakuteki]
Kimchi is also
Just mix it with the chicken or a fluff to make it a dish.
You can also increase the umbrella with each other.

[Honadawara no Kakuteki]

[Kakuteki of Toka Nori and Homodawara]

[Kimchi of Toka Nori and cucumber]
When you are eating seaweed kimchi
Kimchi without seaweed
The unsatisfactory feeling is amazing.

[Kimchi of Takanori and Homoda]

[Takanori and Chinese cabbage water kimchi]
Regardless of the season, the balance between the texture and color that you want to enter

[Salad of Tosakanori and Nagamo]

By Korean chorigid dressing

Canned x and Sakanori
This is also easy to make delicious dishes.

[Saba, Taka Nori and New Bay onion salad]
Suji Ao Noriteeth
After all it is a foul taste and fragrance.

[Tosakanori and olive oil salad]

There is a seaweed that is overwhelmingly suitable for pickles.

That is Takaori.
The color of acid is perfect, and the texture is a whip whip!

Thanks to the sober breakfast and the color of the paste, it tightens at a stretch.

Pxl_20220519_035138800.portrait (1) .jpg
[Pasta of Takanori and squid ink]

After cooking, stop the heat
Mix and mix
Just serve in a bowl.

[Thick rolls of Takanori, celery and chicken grilled grilled]