POPL Burger is a hamburger restaurant created by the world-renowned Noma.

Noma, a restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, which had suspended operations due to the effects of COVID-19, reopened for a limited time as a wine bar and burger takeout shop, a completely different business model from its previous operation.

POPL, a permanent restaurant where you can enjoy these popular menu items, opened in December 2020.

Seaweed has been a focus of attention from the start, with the interior lighting designed by a local designer using seaweed materials.

In April 2024, SEA VEGETABLE held a seaweed workshop for chefs at POPL.

The limited-time menu offered at POPL

This dish, made using tosakanori seaweed and lobster, was created jointly by POPL Head Chef Toni and SEA VEGETABLE Test Kitchen Food Developer/Chef Ishizaka.

This dish was actually offered at POPL as a special menu item for a limited time after the workshop in April.

Soft and fluffy milk bread with a gentle sweetness is topped with lightly grilled charcoal-grilled lobster and seaweed dressed in dried tomatoes and chili oil.
Finish with lobster miso sauce.