Join Us at MUJI's Anniversary Market! \March 15th (Fri)/

We are thrilled to announce that Sea Vegetable Company will be participating in the annual market event at MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada Store, commemorating their 6th anniversary, from March 15th (Friday)!

Joining hands once again after last year's successful collaboration, we are excited to bring our unique sea vegetable creations to the event, presented in an event-exclusive "Event Sales" format.



MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada Store - Sea Vegetable Company's Seafood Corner

While MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada Store regularly features some of our products, during the 6-day anniversary market, our sea vegetable-infused delicacies will take center stage at the seafood corner.

Ebi Tempura with Suji-Aonori Seaweed

Salted Hijiki and Tosakanori Carpaccio

Rare Seaweed Cold Udon
(Featuring Suji-Aonori, unique-textured young Hijiki, and Mirin seaweed)

Moreover, on March 16th (Saturday) and 17th (Sunday), we will be serving a limited edition of "Gomoku-age" - a special deep-fried dish incorporating our young Hijiki, blended into the handcrafted tempura by Fish Bamboo Kamaboko Shop.

But that's not all! Café & MealMUJI, located within the premises, will also be featuring collaboration dishes with Sea Vegetable Company.
Indulge in a heartwarming dish of steamed red snapper with dashi sauce and needle ginger, complemented by the delightful texture and flavor of Tosakanori seaweed.

For all our friends residing in the Kansai region, this is an opportunity not to be missed. We invite you to visit MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada Store during their anniversary market event and experience the unique flavors and creativity brought to you by Sea Vegetable Company.

MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada Store "Anniversary Market"

Date & Time: March 15th (Friday) - March 20th (Wednesday, holiday), 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily
■Location: Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada, Center Court (in front of the main entrance of MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kitahanada)
For more information, visit MUJI's official website.