New product is on sale "Enjoying Mizuku"

Approximately 90 % of Mozuku on the general market is said to be Okinawamozuku produced in Okinawa, but a rare variety of Mozuku that has not been distributed so far has been on sale in limited quantities since July 2023.
How to deliver freshly picked Mozuku, as all of the in -house production, cooking development, and sales members have repeated many trial and error, this time we will deliver the processing method that makes use of the stickiness. I did it.
Search for delicious ways to eat Mozuku
Since there is no unnecessary thing, you can enjoy it with peace of mind from the elderly to your child, and you can enjoy it immediately without washing.
"Enjoying the Nebari" Delicious how to eat
The biggest feature of Mozuku delivered this time is a sticky texture with delicate, elegant umami.
You can also enjoy a smooth and smooth throat that you have never tasted before.
The seasoning when you enjoy it is simple by taking advantage of the ingredients.
For example, soak in roasted sake and make it a sake ate.
As the main side dish with mentsuyu.

In addition, simply put it in a small bowl in connection with three cups of vinegar and ponzu, it brings the summer dining table to be refreshing.
Because it is sticky, it is recommended that you add a lot of seasoning fluids to stir well and then get involved.

■ Enjoying Mizuku ■

Enjoy the snake
Sales price: 950 yen (tax included)
\Otable 3 packs are also on sale /
Sales price: 2,700 yen (tax included)
We also sell wholesale to restaurants and retail stores.
If you would like to order, please describe your name, company name (store name), contact information, and inquiries, and contact the following to your email address.
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