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A menu using seaweed seaweed appears at the first landing pizza restaurant "Pizza 4p's"

On November 24, 2023, the pizza restaurant "Pizza 4p's" opened in Azabudai Hills, Tokyo.

Among the original menus offered at the Tokyo store that landed in Japan for the first time in Japan, seaweeds such as seaweed spinning blue and habanori are used.

Since its founding, Pizza 4p's has been focusing on the use of ingredients that can be produced, Education x Entertainment, and activities that are conscious of sustainability.

At the Tokyo store that opened this time
Based on the concept of "Earth to People -ONENESS-"
There are a variety of creators, including chefs, patissiers, mixologists*, to designers, musicians, and meditation, as well as chefs, patissiers, mixologists*.

Siebegitable has also joined the activity, so that the end users widely know the new taste of seaweed, and by creating a new seaweed food culture, which is the concept of seaweed, the concept of seaweed, the future that is good for both the sea and people. We are aiming to spread.

Sea Vegetable's Seaweed Featuring

3 Delightful Menu

At Pizza 4P's Tokyo, an array of Japan-exclusive menu items has been developed. While retaining the essence of the global Pizza 4P's brand, these dishes are tailored to embrace the local culture of Japan. Collaborating with dedicated producers and creators, the restaurant offers a selection of unique and flavorful dishes that resonate with the Japanese palate. Among these offerings, Sea Vegetable seaweed is also featured, adding an extra dimension of taste and depth to the menu.

Suji-Aonori and Oka-Hijiki Asari

This original creation from 4P's Japan features two types of seaweed: Sujiaonori, known for its fragnant aroma among seaweeds, and Habanori, which boasts a unique flavor reminiscent of wild mountain vegetables and a refreshing scent. Combined with the savory goodness of wild mountain vegetables and clams harvested from the seashore, this pizza allows you to savor the natural bounty of the sea.

Spaghetti: Vegan Genovese with Two Types of Seaweed and Rapeseed Blossoms

Indulge in the flavors of the sea with this pasta dish featuring Sujiaonori and Habanori in a Genovese sauce topped with breadcrumbs. Even vegans can enjoy the rich taste of the ocean in every bite.

Sakura Shrimp and Aosa Seaweed Zeppoline

A beloved Italian appetizer, "Zeppoline," is made by frying pizza dough infused with seaweed. By sprinkling Aosa seaweed on the surface, you can fully appreciate its flavor and texture. This dish is a delightful way to experience the flavors of Italy, with a touch of seaweed goodness.

Interior Decor

Seaweed Incorporated Interiors

In addition with the Menu's, Pizza 4P's has introduced lampshades adorned with seaweed into their interior decor.

These interiors were crafted by "Anon Light Bespokeanonon," known for their sustainable and traceable lighting fixtures made from traditional Japanese paper sourced from various regions of Japan. The key material used is the "Nagi Tatekake Washi Paper" from Saga Prefecture, boasting a 300-year history. The paper has infused with Sea Vegetable seaweed to create unique lampshades, illuminating the restaurant with a fresh perspective.

The intention behind this interior design is Pizza 4P's uncompromising passion for their mission; "Fostering Communication with Customers through Menu and Interior Designs". Not to make you surprised,but the lampshades were completed on the morning of the pre-opening day!

Upon closer inspection, one can discern the subtle presence of seaweed embedded within the traditional Japanese paper, a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

How Sea Vegetable and Pizza 4p's met each other

At Pizza 4P's Tokyo, Sea Vegetable seaweed is utilized abundantly in both the menu and interior decorations. This collaboration became a reality when we met Yosuke Masuko, the representative for Pizza 4P's.

From the early stages of planning the opening of the Tokyo branch, he showed interest in our initiatives as one of the collaborative producers, and even visiting our land-based cultivation site for Sujiaonori seaweed

During a conversation with members of the Seaweed Lab at Pizza 4P's, Mr. Masuko felt that the restaurant embodies the concept of "ONENESS".

ONENESS is a fundamental concept for Pizza 4P's, encapsulating the idea that "Everything is connected, from the Earth to People, from People to People, from the Earth to Nature, and from Nature to People."

Mr. Masuko originally had a strong desire to create connections with producers for menu development at the Tokyo branch. However, upon encountering Seaweed Vegetables, she mentioned that this sentiment grew even stronger. Surprisingly, the first pizza they developed for the menu was, one using seaweed from Seaweed Vegetables.

Pizza 4p's

Original menu book

At Pizza 4P's, a menu book called "4P's Dictionary" has been published as a testament to the visions and passions of these individuals, offering insight into Pizza 4P’s ethos.

Sea Vegetable is also featured in the book, so be sure to pick up a copy at the counter and take a look. It's a wonderful publication where you can feel the passionate spirit of various creators.

Pizza 4P's offers plenty of unique menus crafted with homemade cheese made in-house and tailored to the Japanese palate. We encourage you to visit us multiple times and enjoy a wonderful time at the restaurant.

Pizza 4p's Tokyo

@Tokyo / Azabudai Hills

Location: Toranomon Gomon 5-101, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza D 1F

Access: Kamiya Town Station: 1 minute walk (directly connected to the station)

Business hours: 11: 00-15: 00 (Lo 14:00) /17: 00-22: 00 (Lo 21:00)

No regular holiday

Web site:https://pizza4ps.com/