Sea Recipe Collaboration Project:Sea Vegetable x Universal Bakes Nicome

Immerse Yourself in the Wonders of the Ocean

If you're in Tokyo or planning to be there soon, mark your calendars for March 30th because something special is happening in Shimokitazawa at ADRIFT. It's the "Sea and My Story" talk event, where folks from diverse backgrounds will gather to share their heartfelt tales of the sea.
Over the years,
Umi no Recipe Project has been dedicated to sharing "Stories" and "Foods" from the sea,
exploring the lives of those who live by the ocean in 35 different regions across Japan.
Starting last year, the project began gathering individual Sea memories through a project called "Umi Tsudzuri".

▶︎Umi Tsuzuri (うみつづり: Sea Memories)

As memories of the sea come flooding in from all corners, a special talk event titled "Tales of the Sea" will be happening soon, bringing together diverse voices to share their oceanic adventures. And starting March 28th, get ready to be mesmerized by the "Spiral of the Sea" installation, featuring stunning lighting made from ocean plastics.

(* Photo by Mizuho Takamura

2024 March 30th (Sat) 12:00~8:00PM(Shimokitazawa・ADRIFT)

Venue:ADRIFT Tokyo Setagaya District Kitazawa 3-9-23

■Instalation Exhibition
2024 March 28th (Thur)〜31th(Sun) 9:00~21:00(31th 7PM)
Venue:reload ENTRANCE HALL Tokyo Setagaya District Kitazawa 3−19-20


Ahead of these events, Sea Vegetable has teamed up with Universal Bakes, a 100% vegan bakery located on the 2nd floor of the Reload complex in Shimokitazawa, to offer a limited-time collaboration product: the "Sea Zeppoline."

Seaweed Zeppoline

Our Sea Zeppole features three types of seaweed: Suji-Aonori, Habanori, and Tosakanori, this unique treat promises a burst of oceanic flavors in every bite.

These delectable treats are made with "Mochihime" wheat from Iwate Prefecture, known for its moist and chewy texture.


Each zeppole highlights the distinct characteristics of the seaweed used:

the delicate and refreshing aroma of Suji Aonori,

the bold flavor enhanced with sesame oil in Habanori,

and the vibrant color and texture of Tosakanori.

Indulge in the essence of the sea with these three varieties of zeppole.


\『Tales of the Sea 』Special Sales/
Umi no recipe project × Universal Bakes

「Seaweed Zeppoline」

[ Sale Date ]
March 23rd (Sat), 24th (Sun), 30th (Sat), 31st (Sun)
 ※ Menus will be served also at the talk event venue (Shimokitazawa・ADRIFT) on March 30th(Sat)

[ Quantitiy Available ]
 Limited Quantity each day

[ Sales Time ]
 12:00AM~ Until Sold Out

[ Price ]
 3 pieces  450yen(Tax included)

[ Sales Location ]
 Universal Bakes Nicome
(Tokyo Setagaya District Kitazawa 3-19-20 reload Shimokitazawa 2-10)


Indulge in a taste of the sea while sharing your own seaside memories on the official 「Umi Tsuzuri うみつづり」official website.
Let your stories flow and immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean.

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