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Product Name: Shirasu Oil Pickled
Ingredients: Seasame Oil (Domestic), Whitebait /Shirasu (produced in Kochi Prefecture), confit potatoes (potatoes, edible rapeseed oil), soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), Suji-Aonori seaweed (produced in Kochi Prefecture), salt
Net Weight: 110g
Expiration Date: 20 days from manufacture
Storage Method: Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
No preservatives added, so please use a clean spoon and store in the refrigerator after opening, and consume it as soon as possible.

※Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package

・This product is produced in the habitat of shrimps and crabs.

Normal Delivery in Japan:¥900 (We charge an extra +¥200 for deliveries to Hokkaido and Okinawa prefecture)

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