Chef Okada's Waka Hijiki (Sakura) Journal

Wakojiki Sakura (Shiozura)

Most of the hijiki, which is generally distributed, grew big,
I chose only the soft young buds harvested shortly after it grew, boiled it quickly and combined with the scent of cherry blossoms. You can use it for cooking immediately just by draining salt, and you can eat it as it is.
Cherry blossoms are compatible with those that match the scent of plums, so
When matching with other ingredients, imagine "something that goes well with plums."
It is interesting to match the crunchy and chewy hijiki and a similar texture.
Conversely, it is a good accent to add it to the soft ingredients.


First, salt is needed.
After washing the salt with water, soak in plenty of water for about 4 to 7 minutes.
After adjusting to your favorite salty taste, please enjoy the cherry blossoms together.

After the "Wakojiki cherry blossoms" are salted, the water is squeezed and served.




Six kinds of seaweed and eat steamed oyster butter

[Wakabi cherry blossoms, butter and steamed oysters]
It is an oyster dish that tends to be biased
The scent of cherry blossoms is very novel

You can experience the new way of enjoying oysters.

[Whitebow of Wakabijiki cherry blossoms]

Sweated cotton tofu 200g and white miso 30g
There, salted "Wakabijiki Sakura" 50g is drained for about 4 minutes and chopped.
Mix to complete the perfect dish for spring.

[Wakabi cherry blossom cherry blossom sushi] (Ver for chic adult women)
It is a simple but delicious chirashi sushi for adults based on white and pink.

On vinegared rice
Cubs that are sliced, soaked and squeezed.
Lyncon pickled in sweet and sour
Red sea bream fillet
Wakojiki cherry blossoms
Was served.

* I think you can like any ingredients,
Rather than plenty of young hijiki, by scattering in a moderate balance,
Rather than making the entire chirashi sushi cherry -flavored, it is recommended to have a balance that occasionally feel cherry blossoms.

[Wakabi cherry blossom cherry blossom pork sushi] (Ver for children)
It is a colorful spring Sushi sushi with the ingredients that your child likes.
It is a chirashi sushi where you can sometimes feel the scent of cherry blossoms by scattering young hijiki.


On vinegared rice
Cubs that are sliced, soaked and squeezed.
Lyncon pickled in sweet and sour
Red sea bream fillet
how much
Rape blossom
Wakojiki cherry blossoms
Was served.

* I think you can like any ingredients,
Rather than plenty of young hijiki, it is recommended that you do not make the whole cherry sushi cherry flavor, but sometimes you feel cherry blossoms.

About the effective utilization of [Sakura Shio]
When salt removing "Wakabii cherry blossoms"
It is inevitable to wash away the salt (cherry -salt) with the scent of cherry blossoms.
Before putting water in the ball, the salt on the hijiki is roughly removed and the salt is started, but a good amount of cherry salt comes out.

This time, I put cherry -salt salt on Mochi's unglazed blue barrier, but although the scent is slightly, it doesn't reflect it easily, and depending on the dishes and processed products, this cherry -salt is used secondary. I thought I could do it. The fine hijiki enters the cherry salt side a little, but I think it can be easily removed and you can eat it together. Customers who have purchased "Wakojiki Sakura" can use that kind of usage! I would be grateful if everyone could keep in mind so that you can find how to use it.

[Wakojiki cherry blossoms]
( * Easy to make in a microwave!)
I updated my wife's mother's cherry blossom recipe to the Wakabi cherry blossom version.

Glutinous rice
Wakojiki cherry blossoms


Mochi rice 8: Put the rice 2 in a large heat -resistant ball, wash it quickly and add water to soak the rice firmly.
Put the amount of the cherry blossom cherry blossom petals with salt and soak overnight (about 8 hours) overnight (about 8 hours).
Adjusts the water that was soaked without throwing it away.
Leave the water from the rice in the ball to about 5 mm, and the amount is flushed.
Wrap the heat -resistant ball and place it in the center of the microwave
3 minutes for 800W to 1000W
Take out once, stir the whole, and once again for 3 minutes for 800W to 1000W.
Take it out once, stir the whole, and this time for 5 minutes for 600W
Take out once, stir the whole, and once again for 600W
If you stir the whole and feel that there is still a lot of moisture,
Repeat 1 minute at 600W several times and repeat until the water is gone on the rice surface.
< * Prepare young hijiki while rice is cooked in a microwave oven. >
When you take it out of the bag, the cherry blossoms and hijiki are separately divided.
(It is okay if the fine cherry blossom petals remain on the hijiki side.)
The cherry blossoms are salted
Hijiki takes the salt (cherry -salt) whose scent of cherry blossoms has been transferred by shaking off salt in a small ball.
Rinse only the hijiki with plenty of water for about 3 minutes.
Mix the cooked Okawaki and cherry blossoms and taste it.
If you don't have enough salt, adjust it to your favorite salt.
At that time, please use the cherry salt you mentioned earlier.
Serve in a bowl to complete.