Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction!

Mr. Daisuke Okada, a vinegared partner chef, said, ""Yuzu HijikiHe introduced a lot of photos about the delicious eating and cooking method. The arrangement is infinite! Please take a look to the end.


On this occasion,Joint company Siebigitable"Yuzu Hijiki" (Shiozura) released more

Most of the hijiki, which is generally distributed, has grown large,
Choose only the soft young bud harvested at the time of just growing,
It was boiled quickly and salt -brewed together with yuzu.
Until now, it has almost never been distributed
It's a very rare hijiki,
Really a few fishermen are consumed for private use, saying that this is the most delicious.

Below, how to remove salt from Shiozura
We will introduce recommended combinations.

[Shiozura Yuzu Hijiki]

"Sea vegetables" are delicious whether you put them in cooking or eat them as they are.
If you soak in the water and get out of salt, you can eat it with a salad.
If you match it with the dish, imagine a "thing that matches the scent of yuzu".
It is interesting to combine ingredients with a crunchy and chewy texture.
On the contrary, it is a good accent to add it to the soft ingredients.

*important point*
Return the salt in 5 times the amount of water as Yuzu Hijiki, and adjust the time as you like.
・ 4 minutes if you want to leave a little salt
・ 5 minutes to eat as it is
・ If you want to remove salt firmly, 6-7 minutes, etc.
(Hijiki is a natural thing, so the length and size vary slightly depending on the product. If it is too long, please use it.)

After salt

[Yuzu Hijiki Soba]
I thought it would definitely fit, but the taste and texture were outstanding.
Because of the texture of hijiki, it makes use of the texture of buckwheat.
It is a combination that makes you want to recommend it.



Inari sushi is so compatible that I want you to become a standard
[Yuzu Hijiki Nari Sushi]

Because it is based on vinegared rice for the seasoned oil.
Yuzu Hijiki is carefully draining salt.


[Yuzu Hijiki Cauliflower]
Leave a little saltiness of Yuzu Hijiki and remove it
Fry the cumin, add cauliflower and fry.
Just turn off the heat and then mix yuzu hijiki.

Yuzu Hijiki, who has a very live feeling, does not cook as much as possible.
Finally, mix it and take advantage of its features.
I personally recommend it.


Following [Yuzu Hijiki Soba] [Yuzu Hijiki Udon]
It is perfect.

Unlike soba noodles, there is a sweet and spicy cooked with bonito soup.
The value of yuzu hijiki increases.

[Thai somen]
Soba, udon, and noodles.
Yuzu Hijiki, which balances delicate and gentle flavors, is amazing!

It is a ramen with a richer taste of minced meat and chicken soy sauce base spicy.
Yuzu Hijiki is quietly hidden behind the streaks.
By putting it in your mouth with meat and noodles, it expresses the presence and harmony here as well.

[Yuzu Hijiki Shrimp Chile]

Just mix it with the completed shrimp.
Both texture and yuzu feel are perfect.

[Yuzu Hijiki's Chinese cabbage salad]
A transcendental guy.
For 100g of yuzu hijiki, which is returned with saltiness
Chinese cabbage about 300g


The yuzu hijiki and the bite -sized Chinese cabbage are rubbed to the softness, and it is completed.

It's delicious even if you eat it as it is,
Even if you apply olive oil and vinegar a little, sesame oil is of course delicious.

Yuzu Hijiki is sandwiched in bagels,
Not only the taste and aroma, but that unique texture
It feels comfortable not only for noodles but also for bread.
"Yuzu Hijiki" regardless of genre seems to fit that, and it will fit this.
It is an ingredient that makes it easy to float ideas.

[Yuzu Hijikidoshi] or [Mizoro Yuzu Hijiki]

Just mix yuzu hijiki and grated radish that is a bit of salt.

Some of the drains have been cut a little, and those that have been grated with plenty of moisture.
Both can be delicious.

It is a nice series that is nice if it is on the table.

[Yuzu Hijiki Onigiri]
I want it to be a classic rice ball.

[Yuzu Hijiki Mentaiko]
Just mix this and it fits the best.

[Yuzu Hijikimizo Mochi]
Yuzu Hijiki grated on the baked rice cake.

[Yuzu Hijiki Cream Cheese]
* Because cream cheese contains salt, we recommend that you remove salt for 5 to 6 minutes.

It's a nice dish to come out in a small bowl,
Sanding in bread, mixed with avocado, other vegetables and salads.

I think that crackers such as home parties can also create a position of seaweed.

It looks good and delicious, and the endless combination is good!

[Kabura steamed yuzu hijiki]

It is a dish that is steamed with hot bean paste on steamed steamed steamed bean paste.

It goes well.

The contents are shrimp.

[Kimpap (김밥)]

Although it is a Korean thick roll, it has a good compatibility between sesame oil -based ingredients and Yuzu hijiki, and has a texture.

I would like to build a solid position in Japanese thick sushi and make it a ingredient that can give a presence!

Dry to the flavor of grilled meat sauce that adds sesame oil.Suji Ao NoriWith
I tried it even more delicious.



271390996_690494815266475_2096485842719968521_n (1) .jpg
[Terrine of herring and potatoes and hijiki]
by Kagurazaka Wine Shokudo Maki Kudo

271646523_6212595868463_494091887105121464_n (1) .jpg
[Yuzu Hijiki and Gyeo Tataki, Cucumber and Oba Mid -rolled sushi]
by Susuga Hisa Suga Masahiro

271397676_240783941524835_37486217898293309_n (1) .jpg
[Yuzu Hijiki and Hiroshima Prefecture Oysters and Komatsuna tomato oil pasta]
by Campper Saori Faminanata



Daisuke Okada
Born in 1979 Sushi writers / sushi craftsmen
At the age of 18, he trained to the food world, trained in sushi and became an independent sushi craftsman at the age of 24.
In 2008, in Chuo -ku, Tokyo, one pair of sushi restaurants a day "Vinegared rice shop(Meishiya) opened.
It is a hot topic among foods.
After that, he moved to Asakusa Bridge and Edogawa Bridge in Bunkyo -ku in 2016.
The model of the French sushi manga "L'ART DU SUSHI"
At the New National Art Center, the curation of vessels and food, etc.
He spreads the possibility of a sushi chef every day.
In his book, "Welcome to Oshiya!(Issued: Iwasaki Shoten) "Seasonal house sushi(Published: PHP Research Institute)

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