Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction!

Product name:Dried as it is [Sujia Onori]
Contents 7g


What is the contents? ?

When you cut the seal ...
Hmm! ! ! ? ? ?
Even though I haven't opened the chuck yet
At this point, the delicious fragrance of Aonori drifted.

When I put out all 7G from the bag, it was so much.
I knew it was light because it was a dried seaweed.
It was more included than I imagined.

Still, with this photo, it is still difficult to understand the volume, so

I put a rice ball of a common size.
Did you understand that there is a good amount of Sujia Onori?

Where it is a lump, there are so many Sujia Onori
It overlaps and is dry.

This blue looks under the sun!
There is no doubt about the reason for the "blue paste".

It looks like a thin seaweed,
How much of the amount of Sujia Onori is included here
As you read this blog, you can see.

Take the sunshine
It looks like the Sujia Onori is happy.

If you hit the sun directly, you can see such green.
It is a color that makes you feel calm.


Because it is dry well,
Just rub each other with your fingertips, you can scatter shattered.

In this way, you can sprinkle various dishes.

I haven't shattered yet,
A version of most 7g shattering
Place the rice ball again and check the volume.
How many rice balls can be covered with Sugia Onori?

Here is the sudden "Ibusuki Katsuobushi".
What to hide, in fact,

It's "Susumu Bonito Ambassador" ^^!
Click here for the homepage of Bonito Bonito.

Speaking of blue glue and bonito,
Everyone comes to mind, right?
A combination of delicious classic, takoyaki and okonomiyaki.
Even in that golden combination
With the king of the blue nori world "Sujia Onori"
The bonito world legend "Honjibushi" is available.

I decided to make a simple and delicious "Iso Furukake".

I just combined the two
"Food art" is so beautiful that you want to put it in the forehead and decorate it on the wall of the room.

Both were surprised at first

I'm getting along quickly and mixing each other.

Mariage (Buddha: MARIAGE).

There is no discomfort, these two marriage
Not only ourselves, but also the people involved
I think it will be happy.


What is marriage?

It ends your life
Switch your position to part of the other person's life.

To cooperate.

Sesame and salt were added.
You can ask for something more, and you will be happy as it is.

If you were making the finest "Iso Furukake",
I received too much message from the ingredients,
For some reason, it's a poemer.
excuse me. ^^;

This dry "Suji Ao Nori" is
You can purchase it from the Siebejitable homepage.

If you want to purchase it in conjunction with the Kagura Market (Kakuta Ichiba) product, you can purchase it here.

This is [Eenzo in Suzia Onori]

Salt is easy.
For Shiozura in the ball in Sugizura
First, drop the salt roughly with plenty of fresh water, grab the Sujia Onori together, and throw away the salt water.
Put the Suzia Onori again in the bowl and with plenty of fresh water
Wash it and throw away salt water.
Put the Suzia Onori again in the bowl, put the fresh water in the pit, and complete the salt in 1 minute.
You can use a colander, but because the smooth mesh is involved in the mesh of the colander, I think this method does not take time as a result.

I think Sujia Onori is the most beautiful drifting in the water.
Shiozura's Sujiza Onori also floats in water when salt is out,
It overlaps with muscles (streaks) so that green and green are entangled
Green overlaps dark green and is very beautiful.
However, this is a scene where a number of Sujia Onori overlaps.

If you take out only one Sujia Onori
Actually, it has this shape.
Swags are elongated from the nucleus part, and one by one is extended one by one.
The nucleus is the so -called "roots".
There seems to be no special term of the nuclear part,
The unity phenomenon is "clustered (cluster)".
Seaweed is a creature that does not actually take nutrients from the roots.
It is called temporary root, not the roots.
About the number of streaks
It seems that it fluctuates quite a bit depending on the density when sowing seeds,
About 30 on average.

Snack a few streaks, and others are in the water.
If you get out of the water, the muscles will become thicker and thick, but in the water, each one is stretched and stretched.

The dark part in the center is the core -like part.
From there, you can see that the streaks are extending in various directions.

From that line, you can also see that the fine and thin streaks are branching.

Next, let's have another Sujia Onori.
The feeling of a medaka aquarium, which had only one animal, revived the feeling of another medaka.

And the third.
You can still identify the population.

It was drawn as a product package of Suji ANori
This design. Is this feeling expressed?

10 at a stretch! !
From here, I want to stop counting.

yes. And I don't know some anymore.

It is also a feature of Sujia Onori that it is thin, long, and it is more strange to not get involved.

Return to the first photo,
You can see that there are hundreds of hundreds of Sujia onori in this.

I took out one Sujia Onori from the water.
Because it is wet, the streaks will stick together.

However, wipe off the water,
It is delicate enough to be torn off as soon as you try to spread the muscles of each bottle.

The trick to spread is
With a skewer tip, etc. with some wet state
Slowly release one by one.
Still, it will be cut a little.

This individual has a lot of streaks, especially
There are some overlapping parts, so
It is difficult to spread everything well on a plane.

Because it grows in all directions from this core
The only way to loosen it without overlapping is to do it underwater.

Whether it's transparent or transparent, it's still yet. 。 。 。

If you put the Suzia Onori together and squeeze the water,
It looks like an animal wearing a fluffy green hair and is cute.

I'm sorry for the expression of food, but I'm sorry.
It is close to the thinness of the hair.

It gets entangled and has a habit.

Until a while ago, it was the color of indoor shooting,
This green when you hit the sunlight!
Sujia Onori is happy!

If you use the characteristics of this Suzia Onori,
What kind of dish do you cook?

Shiozura of Raw Sjia Onori is
Even in the world is a ingredient that can only be obtained, so if you are interested, I will always introduce it.

This is the state of Sujia Onori drifting underwater.









Sujia Onori because the streaks are growing




It's almost an adult.


Everyone grew a lot and increased a lot.

I will harvest it with a large net.



Drain the water firmly

I will put it until the basket is full.




Spread the drained Suzia Onori on the pallet.


I will dry this as it is.


It is also written in the product package
His squirrels who dried it as it is
It is literally.


[Shiozura Sujizu Onori]

It looks like this when you loosen it.


Not dryness, but Sugia Onori, which is shipped in raw and Shiozura
After all, by swimming the fineness of the muscles and the beautifulness of the green in the liquid like this,
It has a beauty that cannot be obtained elsewhere and cannot be expressed with other ingredients, so
Recommended for dishes that make use of its characteristics.

The keyword
Juice, liquid, soup, ramen, udon, soba, soup pasta, soup curry, pork juice, etc ...

Shiozura Suri Ao Nori Salt (video 1 minute 34 seconds)


[Bonito Namari -bushi's miso pickles and Goda cheese in Sujia Onori]

[Sushio Onori vinegared rice gripped sushi]
It is just a dried Suzia moisturizer with vinegared rice.

If you don't put it in, the taste of the fish will lose the taste of the fish.

Especially this time it was a grilled yellowtail, so
Sujia Onori lost a little to the flavor of yellowtail,
The fragrant scent of the dried Suzia Onori lost to the roasted fragrant scent.

It may be the reason that the temperature of vinegared rice was too low.
I think that if you hold a delicate white fish raw, Sujia Onori will stand out,
Then, the goodness of the fish will disappear this time, so
We will continue to try out which fish is the most suitable for sushi.

[Suzia Onori soy sauce ramen]
I need to improve the arrangement, but the compatibility is very good.
The more soups, the more they look beautiful by swimming in Suzia.
For various Sarasaras soup
Raw and Shiozura Sujiza Onori is likely to be an impactful ingredient.

[Chinese soup of Sujia Onori and Tosakanori]
Raw and Shiozo's Suzia Onori swims on the liquid and feels like anything.
Each muscle is intertwined, so to make the whole picture of the Sujia Onori look beautiful
It would be delicious and beautiful if you swim together when shabu -shabu such as meat or fish.

As you enjoy the taste of rich tea by ice out tea leaves such as gyokuro.
When I tried the dry [Ice out of the Sugia Onori],

A tremendous umami [Sujia Onori broth] came out.
Depending on the location, I think this proposal will be good.
I'm thinking of doing it at a vinegar rice restaurant.

As the umami has shifted to the liquid, the returned Sujia Onori feels slightly weaker.
Since it was not returned with plenty of water, it is a good way to remain the umami.

[Salt spicy of raw Sjia Onori and squid]
Because it is salty and seaweed of squid, you can imagine that it looks good and the taste is good.
The result was neither good nor bad.

Kagurazaka Wine ShokudoMaki Kudo chef
Vegetable terrine eaten with [Swear Moonori, olive oil and fish sauce sauce].
It seems to match fish and vegetables!

"Waseda" "Ramen IwanetsuWorked by Yasuyuki Hiramatsu
[Suzia Onori and firefly squid tsukemen].

Shiozo Sujiza Onori is swimming in the soup!
The depth came out and the bottom of the sea came out.
The shape of the soup and the raw Sugia Onori is still good!

[Wine steamed wine]

[Lemon 〆 mackerel]

[Shrimp lotus root mochi]

[Spaghetti meat sauce]

[Kawahagi's grip sushi Suzia Onori liver soy sauce]


In Asakusa
Domestic buckwheat flour galette and domestic craft cider specialty store
Fleur de SarrasinThe chef Tamagoshi made it is excellent with the scent of soba.
[Galette of squirrels]

The taste of being a new standard of a cold man [Blue Nori Mayo]

Just mix the dry Suzia Onori, mayonnaise and a little olive oil.
Try it!

Sesame salt is used well, but there are also glue salt.
It was a blind spot because potato chips had salt salt, but it can be used for various dishes.

If you mix sesame and make it [sesame nori salt], the boiled egg will be more than one rank. ^^
Sujia Onori is amazing?

After salting the Shiozo Sujiza Onori, cut it to about 2cm2,

Put in the process of cooking Marbo tofu as it is,

When the heat is applied,

The faint scent of Sujia Onori and the raw crispy texture are also good, so it is recommended.

Sujia Onori (dry)
It's natural because it goes well with glori salt potatoes.
It goes specially to potato salads.

Just mix bonito, Suzia onori and salt
[Sujia Onori Sprinkle]
One of the recommended things for applications other than sprinkling rice
Put on fried chicken or fried tofu.
The perfection of the taste is increased by one.

[Sujia Onori Miso ball]
Sound of Shiozura's Sujiza Onori, boil only for 10 seconds,
Just squeeze the water firmly, chop it, mix it with miso, and roll it.
Adjust the content to your liking.
Just put it in a bowl and pour hot water to create an instant seaweed miso soup.
Since the umami is not enough, put a bonito in the bowl,
All you have to do is pour the soybean ball and hot water.

[Sujia -Onori vinegar]
I made it in a mozuku vinegar style.
Boil the salted Suzia onori for 10 seconds and

Rather than eating with three cups of vinegar, it is better to eat with Tosa vinegar (Tosho) with soup.
The texture is good and crunchy!

[Sujia Onori Somen]
The caramel method is used as the noodles with Shiozura Sugia Onori
Take the plunge and chop it in detail in about 1cm width.
I don't think it's finely cut, and I'm not chopped, so
While remaining, it is a mixed mixture without being lumpy while remaining.

When boiling somen, etc., it is good to mix the Sugia Onori chopped from about 30 seconds before the fire is boiled and give it to the colander.
The refreshing feeling that is preferred in summer will increase!

Here, we serve freshly picked seaweed in Swan -Onori somen.
It is [seaweed noodles].

Image from iOS (3) .jpg
A place where you are having fun at the seaweed camp.

Image from iOS (4) .jpg
You will eat it with a mixture of dried Suzia Onori with mentsuyu.

[Sujia Onori Tempura]
After draining Shiozura Sushio Onori salt, squeeze the water firmly and entangle it with tempura flour.
If you make a stick -shaped tempura, the long green has an impact and you want a crispy mochi and you want a classic tempura.

I want you to use Shiozura Suzia Onori at tempura shops and soba shops.

[Susian Onori scented hamo and red sea bream tempura]

[Maitake mushrooms and Sujia -Onori tempura plum flesh]

Image from iOS (5) .jpg
[Sayori and Sujia Onori tempura]

[Fried Suzia Onori]
If it is fried, it will be fried even more and will be able to shape it better.
I think it can be expressed as a beautiful fried food.

[Thai somen]


[Baked red sea bream]

Chop the Shiozo Sugiza Onori into the fish surimi and mix

If you mix it firmly

Fry it in oil.

This is mixed with dried Suzia onori into the fish surimi.

The left photo is [Satsumaage of Sushio Onori] (using Shiozura Suzia Onori)
The texture and aroma of the crunchy Suzia onori are exquisite in the texture of the fried satsuma fried!

[Satsumaage of Sushio Onori]
By putting the Suzia Onori, the quality of Satsumaage has become more delicious. Sujia Onori, who is outstanding with oil, is demonstrating its original territory.

[Boiled Suzia Onori and watermelon]
At home, peel the watermelon and boil the white part like a winter melon.
I use pickles for cucumber,
The elegant, broth has a raw Sugia Onori
I hope it will spread to the world of Japanese cuisine in the future.


[Suzia Onori's fine -rolled sushi] (using Shiozura)

Wrap seaweed with seaweed! ? I tend to think,
For me, I think Shiozo Susia Onori is easy to use as a vegetable -like feeling, so it will be an interesting sushi with a crunchy texture.





The taste can be changed in any case depending on the seasoning.
I think you can wind it together with other ingredients.

The ratio of Sujia Onori and vinegared rice in the photo may be the opposite.
The feeling of wrapping a little vinegared rice with plenty of Sujia Onori seems to be more surprising, so I will try it next time.

With raw oysters and blue seaweed, it is an increase in the sea feeling.
We make sure that raw oysters are not enough scent.
Kimchi goes well.

When it comes to oyster butter, it should be delicious.
The blue glue effect is enormous as it becomes a unsatisfactory dish without blue glue.

When making glue salt potatoes with french fries
By intentionally enhancing the sense of stin
There is a pleasure that it can be differentiated from other glue salt potatoes, and that when you eat that part, it is intensely fragrant blue glue when you eat that part.


I tried to hold some patterns of Kohada's grip sushi and siebigitable Suzia Onori (drying).

・ Kohada vinegar tightening

・ The one with the smoothness of the Kohada vinegar tightened in the grip

・ Swag ononori is put into Dokan in the grip of Kohada vinegar

・ Swag ononori sandwiched between kohada vinegar tightening and vinegared rice.

・ The vinegared rice itself was mixed with Sujia Onori and holding it.


・ The one with the Suzia Onori only on the Kohada side

・ Kohada and vinegared rice are full of Sujia Onori.

Not only the appearance, but also the umami and aroma are very similar to tea leaves.

It is Ajiwai who has removed the bitterness of tea.

This time I tried it with Kohada,
In every pattern, the feeling of Sujia Onori changes all, so
It seems good to combine the pattern that matches the sushi material.
By the way, this time it is a thick size in June Kohada in Ariake Sea, Takezaki, Tara -cho, Saga Prefecture.
Does the internal organs eat plenty of Ariake Sea laver?
During the preparation, the scent of seaweed was no longer.
If you eat Kohada as it is, you will feel the scent of seaweed.
Kohada at this time was a refreshing system without fat, so
Salt tightening and vinegar tightening can be lighter, and it can be used with the scent of Sugia Onori.
Kohada, covered with Suzia Motori, is also
It was a unique expression and was organized as a taste.
I would like to try sushi using Suzia Onori and various fish.
as a side note
Blue glue is largely divided into
・ Sujia Onori
・ Aosa
・ Hitogusa
There is.
This scent, taste, umami and color
I have to be a siebigitable Suzia Onori!

[Suzia Onori's Chijimi]

For this kind of powder system, both Shiozura and drying can be used well.

I think you can enjoy any seasoning.

A dish that matches Shiozo Suzia Onori, Asatsuki and Sesame.
The seasoning is the soy sauce base, miso -based, and sour, but it depends on the chef, but I think Shiozo Sujiza Onori will be very active when the umami and aroma are a little unsatisfactory.

[Inari Sushi in Sujia Onori]
It was compatible with Inari sushi, color perfect.
It seems good to add a little more dried Suzia Onori.
Mixing is easy to eat,
If possible, the later will have a stronger impact.

[Sujia Onori Angked]
In Japanese food, how to show it like [Chisuji)
Sujia Onori trapped in a kanten
It is cool and suitable for summer as a river flow.
Even if you eat it as a dessert with sweet honey
Even as an appetizer with sour spicy
It will be a pleasing dish in the hot season.
Similarly, boiled dishes, etc.
The shape of the Sujia Onori is a way to live.


[Suzia Onori chicken Tsukune]
When making a tsukune dumpling with a minced chicken meat, if you make a separate mix of Shiozo Suzia Onori, it will be fun to eat.

I feel more delicious than the main Tsukune. ^^

[Sujia Onori tuna bowl]
The relationship between seaweed and sushi restaurants that cannot be separated even if they are cut, mainly wakame turtle
To establish a culture where Shiozura's Sujizo Onori enters smoothly.
I don't think it's impossible.
However, if you do not think about proposals that cannot be substituted with wakame,
The conservative Japanese temperament will always rely on seaweed.
Coexistence with wakame is the best.
Like a vegetable, the arrangement and incorporation itself
To ensure that more and more kind of seaweeds are used
I want to think about seaweed Morimori dishes.

The photo shows a very good tuna bowl with vinegar rice mixed with Sujia Onori.

For tuna lean, toro, vinegared rice and soy sauce

Sujia Onori that fits without any discomfort.

By the way, mix the shaku and the Sujia Onori

If you use [Swar on Swear Onorikarashi], the scent of blossom will stand with the beard.

[Hasuzuki sauteed with seaweed sauce]
The bones of Hirasuzuki are cut into all joints,
Take a rich soup slowly from the water.
Bake the skin of Hirasuzuki into crispy, and put it off.
There, we will dissolve the fruurudosarazan special seaweed butter.
The green of the Suzia onori and the red of the tusakanori are very beautiful.
The further umami is covered with seaweed and the scent of butter.
For a frying pan with the umami of baked Hirasuzuki
Add the broth from the bones of Hirasuzuki.
Add raisins and Suzia onori to there
We will add more complex umami.
With Tosakanori
I will finish one dish.
Puripuri's Tosakanori also changes to plutoro due to the addition of heat.
By eating in connection with this sauce, the new seaweed world will sprout.
[Vinegared rice shop blog] From Hirasuzuki

It's not just kelp tightening.
We propose new techniques to the world of Japanese cuisine.
The name is [algae (first)].

Similar to kelp tightening, water out the target ingredients and tighten the body at the same time.
The taste of seaweed can be transferred to the ingredients and the original taste can be given depth.
By doing so, the ingredients that are damaged quickly will be kept for a few days.

The photo shows the technique of tightening the Shiozura Suzia Onori in a few minutes by putting it in Akahata as it is.
Shiozo Sujiza Onori is fresh water, wash it twice, and wash it three times.
Since the residual concentration of salt changes depending on the number of times, the craftsmanship is questioned during the salt plum and the closing time.

If the salt is strong, the body will be tightened and the salty will become stronger.
If you close it with a weak salt for more than half a day, moderate salty taste and softness of the body,
Not only the umami of Sujia Onori, but also the scent.
This method is effective for meat and vegetables.

In addition, the Sujia Onori, who has finished a job, will be washed again, become sashimi ken, and can be used in other cooking.
From an algae (first) blog

[Boiled asparagus to eat with Owandese sauce in Sujia Onori]
by Cuisine Française Okada
For details, please use the vinegar rice shop blog

This is followed by [algae (first)] using Shiozo Sujiza Onori.
This is a new technique for Japanese cuisine called [Mogase] using dried Suzia Onori.

It is tighter than a loose fish with a lot of water, and it is suitable for muscular fish and such parts.

Rather than tightening, it is an image that synchronizes the umami.
While transferring the umami of Suzia Onori to the fish, Suzia Onori sucks the taste of the fish.
It will be a sashimi that shares each other's umami.

Sujia Onori looks beautiful when swimming in the liquid, so

Serve with thin soup or oil, etc.

It will be made with dashi soup.

vessel:Takashi SuzukiMr. Miss.

[Salmon and cheese, potato and onion oven grilled]
Like gratin and doria, dried Suzia Onori is also very useful for cheese.
The smile will be doubled just by flipping a little in home cooking.

[Blue Nori Nanban]
Mix the chopped Shiozo Sushio Onori with the pickled nanban soup.
If you pickle vegetables and fried ingredients, you will be able to combine them.

In particular, the onions and blue paste, which have become nanban pickled, are entangled with sweet and sour oils, making them delicious.
By the way, the fish fried this time is the natural enemy of seaweed. ^^;

Pxl_20210803_113203543 (1) .jpg
[Chinese steamed fish steamed fish] (Pheasant grouper

Sprinkle dried Suzia Onori on the broth during the steamed fish to make it a higher rank Chinese steamed!

After chopping Shiozura Sugia Onori, it is also served like a vegetable, so that the degree of perfection as a single dish is increased as comparable to the one that is not. The fish at this timeAkahatais.

I love many
There is a really delicious combination dish called [chicken burdock], but it is a natural phenomenon.

Adding dried Suzia Onori makes it even more delicious. I think it's good to be delicious, so

If you want to eat it, we recommend that you use it as a blue glue chicken burdock.


Come out at a sushi restaurantGullyWhen making
I use it effectively for pickled vinegar

If Shiozura Sujiza Onori is salted and chopped and pickled
GullyIt has become a taste blue seaweed.
Like [Sugia Onori pickles].

MincedGullyIf you mix, you can also create a different texture of each other.
This is a dish that will be pleased whether you come out at a sushi restaurant, a restaurant, or even if you come out at home.

The photo is tandoori chicken, but it is sweet and sour for a little chopstick rest. Ideal for positioning.

Recapture cabbage! ?
100%okonomiyaki of sea vegetables in the sea!
[Okonomiyaki of Sujia Onori]
Click here for a photo recipe.

[Raw Sjia Onori's Aroma]

[Fish surimi dumpling and bean sprouts miso soup]
This is a photo of the chopped Shiozura Sugia Onori.
It is completely different from having casual fine greenery.
It is convenient to use it for such everyday casual things.

[Chicken salt glue koji pickles]

It is a mixture of salted koji with the returned Suzia Onori and sucked.

Chicken peach meat is soaked for about half a day and then baked.

I was trying to see how the chicken itself would affect it, but the delicious answer was not there.
The delicious chicken fat that comes out when baked is entangled with salt koji Sugia Onori and soaks.
It has been turned into a habit.
Cut the chicken with a knife,
By smoking the delicious umami, eating delicious and garbled Suzia Onori and eating it.
It became a dish that complements each other.

[Cooked rice with blue glue and chicken]

Cooked Shiozo Sujiza Onori together,

Just mix when cooked.
I think that mushroom cooked rice, seafood cooked rice, and any cooked rice.
It is really delicious.

[Leek, tofu and Sujiza Onori miso soup] (Shiozura Suzia Onori ver)




[Leek, tofu and Suzia Miso soup] (Dry Sujia Onori Ver)



[Sujia Onori's Ogi]
I happened to get a unusual white red bean, so
I dared to make a modest sweet rag.
Even sweet bean paste will surely be delicious.
[Anto and blue glue ◯], [Anto butter is ◯], and [blue glue and butter ◯].
That means
[If you think about the menu with blue glue and butter, it is certain!
[Butter and blue glue rice ball]. Too much.
It is sure that both appearance and taste are popular.



Classic [tuna natto] and dried Sujia Onori
It looks delicious anytime.

[3 -color bowl of Sushio Onori, Shirasu and salmon]
The combination of the taste and color is good, and such a simple and delicious bowl will be pleased even at a store or a busy day.

[Squid yakisoba]

Seasoning is enough for salt and Sujia Onori.

[Sashimi of Aori squid and raw Sujia Onori]




[Chiliconkan of Aori squid and white red bean]
The scent of Sujia Onori, which can fight even chili dishes, is
It is a proof that can be used effectively in all genres of dishes!

It's delicious without it, but it's better to have it.
I think it's really amazing to make delicious food even more delicious.

I can't be the leading role as the name that can be named
After all, it is also a side dish in the same position as vegetables.
I think it is one of the raw Sjia Onori.

For those that don't have a bad compatibility even if the scent of the beach is crunchy
I want to try various things.



[Blue Nori Buri Shabu]
Shabu -shabu style that uses dried Suzia Onori to eat blue seaweed, vegetables and yellowtail together

It looks pretty delicious
It's a pity that the scent of the sugar has disappeared.

One piece in sushi ketling one day.
A amberjack who was robbed of the leading role.

Grate purple mountain potatoes
Raw pepper for Tosa vinegar oil
Seavetable bonito bonito and seaweed.
A dish where the sweetness of the potatoes is shared by everyone.



Daisuke Okada

Born in 1979  / Sushi artisan and Sushi chef.

At the age of 18, he embarked on a journey into the world of food, dedicating himself to mastering the art of sushi. By the age of 24, he had gained enough experience and expertise to venture into independent sushi craftsmanship.

In 2008, he founded "Sumeshiya," a sushi restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, operating on a reservation-only basis, catering to one group per day. His establishment quickly became a topic of discussion among food enthusiasts.

Subsequently, in 2016, he relocated his restaurant from Asakusabashi to Edogawabashi in Bunkyo Ward. Over the years, Okada has continuously expanded the possibilities of being a sushi artisan, participating in various projects such as serving as a model for a sushi manga titled "L’Art du Sushi" in France and curating exhibitions related to tableware and culinary arts at the New National Museum of Art.

Furthermore, he has authored books such as "おすしやさんにいらっしゃい!Welcome to the Sushi Shop!" published by Iwasaki Shoten and "季節のおうち寿司 Seasonal Home Sushi" published by PHP Institute, showcasing his knowledge and passion for sushi cuisine.

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