Supervising an exhibition in the urban aquarium "AOAO SAPPORO" that allows you to observe the growth process of the squirrels

\ 2023 (Thursday) Grand Open /


At the urban aquarium "AOAO SAPPORO" born in Sapporo
You can observe the growth process of living "seaweed"!

A part of the exhibition was supervised by Sea Vegetable.

■ What is AOAO SAPPORO, an urban aquarium where you can enjoy a new sensation experience?


"AOAO SAPPORO" aims to be an exhibition facility where you can feel the diversity of the earth through the theme of "Wonder of Life -You can see invisible things ~".

The urban aquarium is born in Sapporo, Hokkaido this summer, which is born as a place where you can combine the entrance to nature, the waterside creatures and the splendor of nature.

In the hall, 250 species 4000 (including plants) are displayed.

Experts and companies studying creatures gather and aim to co -create and send new value with AOAO SApporo, "LABORATORY / Water) Area (4F). "Lab of creatures" allows you to observe the growing process of squirrels.

AOAO SAPPORO floor map

■ "Seaweed" that protects sea ecosystems
Seaweed professionals gather to supervise the exhibition

To supervise the exhibition of the streaks, the supervision of the Sea Vegetable, the water quality and nutritional analysis, who has been working on the production of seasons for long -term seaweeds and algae seedlings for more than 40 years, diving and classification of seaweeds throughout Japan for more than 40 years. Various specialists, such as experts, were involved.

Seaweed, also called "sea basket of the sea" and plays an essential role for the sea ecosystem.
If you look at the creatures from the angle where the light has not been hit so far, you will see the wonder of the natural world.

Through seaweed, it should be a trigger to know more about the connection and the sea in nature.

AOAO SAPPORO "Sugi Blue Nori" exhibition The growth process of the squirrels


 ■ The "Polar Bear Bakery &" attached to 2 dishes using Jojinori is a menu

AOAO SAPPORO "Polar Bear Bakery &"

Opened on the 6th floor of the building as the first pamphlor in Hokkaido where you can enjoy bread and alcohol, "Sirkuma Bakery & Two items made by Sea Vegetable are lined up on the menu.

In addition to croissants using Hokkaido wheat, it can be used according to the scene from day to night from day to night from day to night.
In addition, all floors can be eaten and drink, so you can spend a relaxing time while watching your favorite aquarium.

[Delivered menu using Sea Vegetable Suji-Aonori]

 Domestic Suji Blue Nori & Hockey Fly Sand  Blue glue & cheese che


(Left) Domestic Suji-Ao Nori & Hockey Fly Sandwich: 680 yen (tax included)

An original croissant sandwich with Hokkaido wheat with a low sweetness croissant, a Hokkaido hockey fly and a scent and a rich tasting blue glue.

(Right) Blue glue & cheese rusk: 490 yen (tax included)

A snack rusk with plenty of seasoning with a sashimi and cheese seasoning. A dish that is suggested by the scented scented scented scented blue nori.


■ AOAO SAPPORO (Aoo Sapporo) Facility Overview





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