"Summer gifts" given from siebegitable

We work on planning and selling gift products, focusing on experienced giftsProvided by Sow Experience“Gourmet catalog gifts more than“ delicious ””In addition, we have a seaweed gift box posted.

Saw Experience "Good Foods Gift"

▶ ︎ Sea gift seaweed flavored set is a setHere

Including the classic "dried streaked streak"
I am addicted to the delicious charm of seaweed
We have a special gift box.

Saw Experience "Sea Gift Seaweed Taste Set"

From all over Japan, "not only" delicious ", but gourmet catalog gifts" that carefully selected foods that are delicious and environmentally friendly to people, society, and environment.GOOD FOODS GIFT]You can also choose from among them.

▶︎Good Foods Gift (paper package version)

▶︎Good Foods Gift (e -gift version)



Also, at the Sea Vegetable Official Online Store
An original gift box that is perfect for summer, with the addition of a new taste, "Mizuku to enjoy Nebari", which has started selling this month.

Sea Begitable gift

▶ ︎Siebejitable gift productHerefrom

From small children to elderly people
From those who don't usually cook to those who like to cook
You can use it in various scenes.


By all means, for summer gifts
Would you like to give a delicious seaweed?