Community Based Economy Journal

The ``Community Based Economy Journal,'' is a business documentary magazine centered around the theme of ``Recorded journey of beautiful economic landscapes'';
This is a record of an interview with two co-representatives of Sea Vegetables.

Community Based Economy Journal 001

This book is based on the two senses of “community” and “beautiful”.
We visit and interact with the economic operations that Community Based Companies (companies and organizations that are rooted in the local community and develop together with the local community) find beautiful, and we interview and write about the philosophies, attitudes, ingenuity, and mechanisms of the people behind them. This is the completed book.

What does an “economy that is in harmony with a blue planet” look like?

Why are we fascinated by seaweed?
Why are we continuing this initiative?

You can purchase the book from〈WAKIIZU〉Official website

Community Based Economy Journal 001Community Based Economy Journal 001


Community Based Economy Journal 001
“Recorded journey of a beautiful economic landscape”
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