Indulge in SHOGUN BURGER's Wagyu Beef Burger Featuring 'Suji Aonori' Seaweed

SHOGUN BURGER, A renowned Yakiniku restaurant in Toyama prefecture, has stepped up to bring you an exceptional 100% Wagyu beef burger. This burger is a true masterpiece, with the Wagyu beef patty taking center stage, boasting rich texture and flavor. Complemented by carefully selected buns, extraordinary toppings that add depth and umami, and sauces that provide a flavorful accent!

Every aspect of this burger reflects the craftsmanship and passion poured into it Indulge in the fusion of traditional Yakiniku techniques and innovative burger craftsmanship at SHOGUN BURGER.


Its fame has been recognized worldwide, winning the Japan Burger Champion 2022 and achieving commendable placements in the 2022/2023 World Food Championships.

Furthermore, SHOGUN BURGER continuously surprises gourmet enthusiasts with a variety of seasonal limited-time burgers, some of which have featured the 'Suji Aonori' seaweed from our company .

▼Menus where Suji-Aonori were used

Wagyu and Amazon Cacao Burger Part 2

〈Offer Period〉February 14th, 2023 - March 14th, 2023

In celebration of Valentine's Day, this burger has been created to bring out the rich flavors of Amazon cacao and Wagyu beef. This burger is overflowing with umami and depth, promising a culinary experience that delights the senses.

The main highlight is the Amazon cacao sauce, enhanced with the addition of 'Suji^Aonori' seaweed from Sea Vegetable, resulting in a burger that is even more flavorful, aromatic, and tantalizing to the senses.

SHOGUN BURGER_和牛とアマゾンカカオバーガー




「White Shrimp Burger 」

〈Offer Period〉April, 2023~(Until SOLD OUT)

SHOGUN BURGER, born in Toyama, collaborates with 'Toyama Shirauo-tei' to create a unique burger.

Featuring a Wagyu beef patty topped with a special tempura made from delicate, sweet Toyama white shrimp, and drizzled with SHOGUN BURGER's original sauce, a twist on the 'Toyama Shirauo-tei' tempura sauce. To finish, they've added a touch of 'Sujiaonori' seaweed. It's a delightful fusion of flavors, celebrating the best of Toyama's culinary heritage



「Tsukimi Burger」

〈Offer Period〉Septem,ber 15th, 2023~(Until SOLD OUT)

Introducing an autumn-exclusive burger featuring the aromatic blend of teriyaki sauce, fragrant shiso leaves, and 'Suji-Aonori' seaweed.

Complementing the richness of the crafted Wagyu beef burger, this seasonal delight offers a taste of the four seasons in Japan. Even the sweet potato chips, resembling the moon, are adorned with 'Suji-Aonori' seaweed, adding an extra layer of flavor and visual appeal.


One of the pleasures of indulging in the recipes crafted by head chef Ougiya is discovering the subtle nuances of hidden flavors. Whether you're a burger enthusiast or not, I strongly recommend that you try this exquisite taste of these meticulously crafted burgers.

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