Hometown Tax Donation at Sea Vegetable Company

Have you decided on your Hometown Tax Donation for this year?

 At Sea Vegetable, we're excited to offer our seaweed, specifically Suji-Aonori, as an option for your Hometown Tax.


Every year, as December rolls around, the topic of "Hometown Tax Donation" becomes a focal point for many. Here at Sea Vegetable, with our seaweed cultivation operations spanning various regions across the country, we've made our products available for Furusato Tax donations in select areas.


Aki City, Kochi Prefecture: Donation Amount 6,000 yen

楽天ふるさと納税 (Rakuten Furusato Tax)

ふるさとチョイス (Furusato Choice)

さとふる (SatoFuru)

JALふるさと納税 (JAL Furusato Tax)

ふるなび (Furunavi)

ANAふるさと納税 (ANA Furusato Tax)


Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture: Donation Amount 7,500 yen or 22,500 yen

ふるさとチョイス (Furusato Choice)

au PAY ふるさと納税 (au PAY Furusato Tax)

セゾンのふるさと納税 (Sezon no Furusato Tax)

ふるラボ (Furu Lab)