Collaborating with LAMER in Singapore!

On 2023 July, we had the pleasure of collaborating with LA MER in Singapore!

LA MERイベント202307

An event dedicated to exploring La Mer’s innovative skincare solutions - that which taps into seaweed, one of the ocean’s many wonders. One of the main raw resources they use to formulate their Miracle Broth is giant kelp, as the name implies, the largest genus of phaeophyta or brown algae in the world.

LA MERイベント202307

  【Starter】 LA MER_SEA VEGETABLE_starter_202307

   Fresh coconut water infused with Rausu kombu and wild cherry leaves

   Aosa seaweed, green sansho, and fish eggs, sandwiched between a habanori seaweed miso crisp

   Raw shrimp and live mirin seaweed shoots. Dressed with Aonori Shoyu and an oil flavoured with blackcurrant wood

【First Dish】
LA MER_SEA VEGETABLE_firstcourse_202307Smoked tosakanori seaweed, hand-picked mud crab

【Second Dish】
LA MER_SEA VEGETABLE_secondcourse_202307 Underwater Jungle Curry
   Southern hijiki seaweed preserved with spices, served with abalone braised with pine and kombu, and a sauce made with cuttlefish and plankton


【Third Dish】
LA MER_SEA VEGETABLE_thirdcourse_202307
  Milk-fed veal, white asparagus and ginger flowers wrapped in veils of braised ao-wakame and fresh soy milk skin


 Aonori seaweed chocolate cake

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©Nathalie Cantacuzino

 An example of the endless possibilities within the world of seaweed; our collaboration is far from the pinnacle, but nevertheless exciting and inspiring to learn how different fields and industries around the world are pushing the boundaries utilising seaweed as a resource. We hope the event was just as eye-opening in a culinary sense!

by Shui Ishizaka from SEA VEGETABLE Test Kitchen