Develop a new food experience of seaweed. The first open call for "seaweed tasting party" will be held specially in Tokyo on August 28 (Monday) for 1 day

"Seaweed tasting party" by SEA VEGETABLE TEST KITCHEN
The first public release in Tokyo on August 28 (Monday).

Limited to eight people, we will be invited specially from among applicants.

① August 28 (Monday) 13: 00-15: 00
② August 28 (Mon) 18: 00-20: 00

* Held only for 4 people each time. Please fill in the application form for the desired date and time

Near Tokyo Station (within 10 minutes walk)
* Detailed addresses will be informed only to the winners.

Please apply from the application form below

◎ Application deadline: Tuesday, August 22 12:00
The winning result will be contacted by Thursday, August 24.

・ Those who are interested in seaweed activities and seaweed
・ Those who can come to a tasting party held in Tokyo on August 28 (Monday)

Free (seaweed sample provided)

Because it is a tasting party, it will be enough to "try" each seaweed dish.
Please note.




"I want you to feel the" seaweed food culture "that has the potential to be unknown by having more people eat it first."

A tasting party of SEA VEGETABLE that started with such feelings.

Until now, it has been held irregularly for only those who are limited to business partners, as limited to those involved.

This is the first time that we want more people to experience the "seaweed tasting party" as one opportunity to share the potential of seaweed because we know the potential of seaweed more than anyone. Decided to be implemented in general public recruitment.

Seaweed with a wide range of possibilities that can be used at home, although there are many unknown charms.

In this “Seaweed Tasting Society”, we will also provide tips that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Because of the desire to convey the charm of seaweed, it will be a meeting for 4 people each time and a total of 8 people.

If you are interested, please apply.



It was opened in Tokyo in November 2021, and now three chefs, including Ishizaka, are enrolled.
More than 100 kinds of seaweeds have been handled so far.We are developing how to use seaweed from all over the country with seaweed fermentation researchers in the company.


Cooking development / chef 
Hideni Ishizaka (SHUI ISHIZAKA) 

From Sydney. After winning the Australian U30 cooking contest, he was in charge of cooking as a Soo -chef at "INUA", which won two stars in just one year after opening in Tokyo in 2018.

Later, he met Sea Begitability, and has been facing more than 100 kinds of seaweeds in the in -house test kitchen, and has transmitted the potential as a seaweed ingredient that is not known in the cooking industry.

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