MUJI Event Sales Report 2023.03.18-03.21

MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kita Hanada store celebrated its 5th anniversary on March 20.

Seabejitable also participated in the anniversary market held.

"It's delicious."

It is a restaurant that keeps asking so, and has ingredients that can see the faces of producers and cooks every day, and continue to be loved by local people.

The spacious interior was full of local people and lively.


For us siebegitable
This is the first attempt to sell in the Kansai area.

Including the production teams of each base, various members who do not usually stand at stores and events gathered from all over the country, and handed the raised seaweed while looking at the customers' faces.

Young hijikiNinari sushiTosakanoriSeaweed salad,Sujia OnoriA fragrant shrimp tempura, etc.

This timeFor a limited timeThere are also side dishes using our seaweed.

AEON MALL Sakai Kita Hanada store,
Congratulations on the 5th anniversary.

This time, I visited MUJI Kyoto Yamashina store, which is developed with the same concept.

Thank you to everyone who visited us!
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


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