Seaweed shabu -shabu @noma kyoto 2023.03.17

This springNOMA is in Japan again!

NOMA teams that attract people around the world visited Japan from Denmark and held for about 10 weeks"NOMA KYOTO".

With the edge, our seaweed in the menuI have you use it.

The other day, we also gathered in Kyoto from all over the countryI enjoyed this wonderful food experience.

Noma kyoto_entRance

Among the creative course dishes of all 12 plates, we used our seaweed shabu -shabu, which shines like a main dish for us.
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The north is from the first grade kelp in Hokkaido
The south is to Milin, Tosakanori, Ryukyufu Dalak, and Suna from the Okinawa and Kumamoto sea. ( * Contents may differ depending on the date of offer)

All of them are seaweeds that we were raising ourselves and asked by the fishermen who are taking care of them every day.

Sweet to the stem and root, spinach sprouts from Kyoto
The Hyuga Natsu "Konatsu", which can be eaten deliciously to the white part, is also combined.

In the pot carried in a boiled state, there is a broth based on the smoked mechabu.

For soup that feels the taste of the sea firmlyIf you suck a seaweed,Please attach it to a special ponzu using the seaweed fermented seasoning "Blue Nori Souyu".

Seaweed shabu -shabu @noma kyoto (Noma Kyoto)

Seaweeds that change to vivid green and beautiful brown colors when broth pass through the broth.
Each has a surprising texture that the seaweed that we had eaten did not have.

What a wakame used for pairingYOROCCO BEER The beer is.

Craft beer using wakame of Yoroccan beer

We are thinking only about seaweed every day,
I looked into another new side of the ingredients called “seaweed”.


The encounter with NOMA began with Ishizaka, who was in charge of cooking at SEA VEGETABLE TEST KITCHEN, and also participated in this Pop-UP as a cooking development team, last year, two co-representatives and Denmark in Ishizaka. I also visited a shop in.

After that, Noma's cooking development teams visited our production base and labs in Kochi Prefecture as part of the research trip, and then dive into the sea to research seaweed.

Beyond the country and culture, they are both encouraging partners that derive the potential of "seaweed" ingredients. (From Noma Projects initiatives



In the series of surprises from the beginning to the end,
Decorative, part of the bowl, everywhereThis pop -up with seaweed was used.

We have helped with our friends, especially for various seaweeds used for decoration.

Decoration using noma kyoto seaweed

Possibility of bringing the ingredients called seaweed
The magnitude of the role we need to carry,
It was also an experience that I felt strongly again.

For those who are coming from now on
Delivered through noma kyotoOne dish using our seaweedIt is best if you can make it one of the pleasures.