Seasonal Recommended Seaweed Recipes ~ 2022 Winter ~

Cozy Winter Recipes with Seaweed

What's your go-to winter meal at home?

Introducing freshly harvested Young Hijiki combined with yuzu from Kochi Prefecture, perfectly matched with winter ingredients for a delightful culinary experience.

Enjoy the new texture of Hijiki on its own or as a finishing touch to your dishes for a taste of Japanese winter.

Traditional seaweeds like Suji-Aonori and Habanori release their savory aroma when sprinkled over warm dishes, making them a perfect match for winter soups and creamy dishes.

Gather your loved ones around for some heartwarming seaweed recipes this winter!


-Young Hijiki Cabbage Salad

Difficulty ☆☆★

Yuzu Hijiki and Chinese cabbage salad

A refreshing winter salad using seasonal cabbage and yuzu-infused Young Hijiki. Packed with nutrients, it's simple yet versatile with various dressing options.


--Habanori Stew

Difficulty ☆★★

Habanori stew

Perfect for chilly evenings! A comforting homemade stew with a twist of Habanori for added flavor. Generous amounts of Habanori make it even more special. Suji-Aonori also works well as a topping.


Homemade Aonori Cream Sauce

Difficulty ☆☆★

Homemade green cream

Got leftover stew?

Then why not transform it into a delicious Aonori cream sauce!

The steps are easy. Simply mix the left over stew with "Dried Suji- Aonori" to create a rich and flavorful cream.

Homemade green cream

Did you know Suji Aonori has 64 times the iron content of spinach?

It's a great way to boost your iron intake while enjoying delicious meals. Incorporate it into your daily diet for a tasty nutritional boost.


Let's warm up with these seaweed-infused dishes and enjoy the cozy flavors of winter!