Seasonal recommended seaweed recipes ~ 2022 Winter ~

What is your winter home rice?

The freshly picked young hijiki in December is along with the yuzu that just arrived from Kochi Prefecture.
It is a product that goes well with winter ingredients.

First of all, the new feeling of Hijiki, which you meet for the first time, is the same.
And quickly to finish the cooking,
Easy arrangement for one dish that feels the winter of Japan.

Havanori, which is characterized by the classic streak Aonori and the addictive scent,
If you put it on a warm dish, the flavored scent spreads on the steam.
And after all
Outstanding compatibility with warm soup and cream dishes that you want to eat in winter!

If everyone surrounds the seaweed rice that uses seaweed, the mind and body should warm.
Introducing the seaweed recipes recommended by Sea Vegetable this winter.


-My youthHijiki Chinese cabbage salad


Yuzu Hijiki and Chinese cabbage salad

Easy salad recipe using seasonal Chinese cabbage.
It is full of scenes and can get a lot of nutrition.

It is good to finish it simply with only the saltiness of the young hijiki
It is also recommended to add sourness of olive oil, sesame oil, vinegar, etc. if you like.
It is a dish that spreads the arrangement, such as adding a little hawk's claws to become an adult taste.


・ Sea Begitable "Wakojiki Yuzu" (before salt): 120-130g
・ Chinese cabbage: 300g


1. Change the water twice, rinse it twice, rinse it, soak in salt for 2-3 minutes and drain the salt. I will also give yuzu together, and if it is long, cut it finely.
* How to drain the saltFrom here

2. Combine the Chinese cabbage cut into bite -sized pieces, salt drained, drained young hijiki and yuzu, and rub it to the softness.


--Hobanori scented stew


Habanori stew

In the season when it became chilly.
Put the habanori on the accent of the classic "stew" of home rice and make it an original arrangement! It is recommended that Habanori will take the plunge!

The streak Ao Nori that is dried as it isYou can enjoy it deliciously ◎


・ Chicken thighs: about 300g
・ Potatoes: 3
・ Onion: 1
・ Ginseng: 1
・ Broccoli: 1/2 shares

・ Salad oil: 1 tablespoon
・ Flour: 4 tablespoons
・ Salt pepper: Appropriate amount
・ Milk: 800-1000cc
・ Mirin: 1 tablespoon


1. Cut the ingredients of A to an appropriate size.
2. Sprinkle the salad oil in a frying pan, arrange the chicken thighs on the skin and cook over medium heat.
3. Immediately put onions, carrots and potatoes on the chicken, cover the lid, and bake it to the extent that the chicken skin is grilled.
4. When moisture comes out of the vegetables, sprinkle the flour and mix until the powdery disappears.
5. Add milk and mirin, when boiling, cover with medium heat, boil for about 15 minutes and season with salt and pepper.
6. While boiling the stew, cut the broccoli into a small bunch and steam (or boil).7. Mix the broccoli into the completed stew, and finally serve the gravitory to complete.


Homemade green cream


Homemade green cream

I just made too much stew ...
There are things.

In such a case, delicious and ingenuity!

Introduced aboveThe liquid part of the stew and "" "The streak Ao Nori that is dried as it is[Homemade green cream] is completed simply by mixing your favorite amount.

Homemade green cream

Winter spinach is a seasonal spinach.
If you eat it with spinach cut into a size that is easy to eat and eat, this is also exquisite!

Spinach is completed simply by cutting the 5cm width and served in a bowl, and pour the sauce.

Actually, the seaweed "Suji Ao Nori", the iron is very abundant.
It is an excellent thing with about 64 times the iron of spinach!

By incorporating it into your daily meal little by little
It will supplement the nutrients that are indispensable for us ◎