Seasonal recommended seaweed recipes 3 selections to 2022 Late summer ~

How many seaweed do you incorporate seaweed in your daily dining table?

I often eat seaweed and hijiki ...
If you incorporate other seaweed into the dishes, those who say!

In fact, incorporating seaweed into dishes is not that difficult.

This time,A seaweed recipe that is perfect for the current season, recommended by Sea BegitabilityI will introduce it.

By adding seaweed to the usual dishes
"The range of daily dishes has expanded" "Seaweed is delicious"
I hope you have such a discovery.


It was the time when I felt the smell of autumn little by little, but the heat still remains.

Minerals, which are said to be difficult to create in the body, can also be taken from seaweed.

Let's prepare from inside the body and have a healthy day!


Eggplant's Nanban pickles & Takanori


Eggplant's Nanban pickles & Takanori

When you feel the end of summer, summer vegetables that you want to eat asexually.
On the day when the heat remains, try finishing it with a little more acidity.

For 2-3 people
・ Siebigitable "Shiozura and Sakanori(Before salt): about 30g
・ Eggplant: 3
・ Potato starch: Approximately 20g
・ Needle ginger: 3 ~ 5g

A (for pickled juice)
・ Mirin / soy sauce / vinegar: 3 tablespoons
・ Tena sugar (OK with your favorite sugar): 1 tbsp
・ Water: 3 tablespoons

B (for stir -fried)
・ Salad oil: 1 tablespoon
・ Sesame oil: 1 tablespoon

1. Leave the salty of the sauce.

2. The eggplant is cut in half vertically, then cut into a lattice -like cut on both sides, soak in water for about 5 minutes and remove it. Peel the ginger ginger, shred it, lightly expose it to water, and then drain both to the colander.

3. Put A Morin in a small pan and fly alcohol over medium heat. When the fire has settled down, put the remaining ingredients, boil them, and cool them in the bat.

4. Put B in a frying pan and heat over medium heat, bake both sides of the eggplant sprinkled with potato starch, and soak in the pickled juice cooled with ginger while hot.

5. When the rough heat is removed, turn the eggplant once and soak in the refrigerator with the chilled taste.

6. Completed by serving a paste and eggplant in a bowl.


By cooling once, the taste will soak and the finish will be even more delicious!


> How to drain the saltFrom here


Takanori fruit punch


Takanori fruit punch

It's hot during the day and it's hard to do ...
It will blow away such an injury,It is a colorful seaweed dessert.

By the amount of your favorite
・ Siebigitable "Shiozura and Sakanori
・ Favorite fresh fruit
・ Favorite fruit cans (also used syrup)
・ Favorite carbonic acid and cider

1. Leave the salty of the sauce.

2. Cut all fruits into easy -to -eat sizes, serve in glass cups and bowls together with the sashimi, and put the syrup at the desired amount. If the syrup alone is too sweet, divide it with carbonic acid and adjust it.


If you dissolve the gelatin in the liquid, you can enjoy it as a fruit jelly.


--A adult rice for roasted sake


Habanori and roasted sake

The soft plum scent and the flavor are very elegant.
The hot rice continues and recommended on days when there is no appetite.

For one person
・ Siebigitable "His habinori, which was dried as it is"3 ~ 4g (with the amount you like)
・ White sesame/onion/yuzu pepper: your favorite amount
・ White rice: 1 cup of bowl

■ For roasted sake
·kelp: About 3cm square
・ Cooking sake: 100cc
・ Umeboshi (including seeds): 1
・ Bonitoshi: Weakness

1. Preparation for roasted sake
Pick up kelp in the cooking sake overnight. The next day, take out the kelp, tear off the dried plums, put them in the seeds, and heat over medium heat.

2. When boiled, add bonito, boil it down to half the amount of sake, then filter with a tea strainer (you can use it to cool or use it).

3. Serve rice in a bowl and sprinkle white sesame and onion. After the roasted liquor from above, put the fluffy paste softly and add yuzu pepper.


It is recommended to cook white rice hard. Please enjoy it with your favorite condiments.