Domestic and additive-free furikake sprinkle.

On busy mornings, preparing elaborate meals can be quite challenging.

In such times, having a special furikake (rice seasoning) at home can be quite reassuring.

When choosing furikake, what criteria do you use to make your selection?

The "Aonori Furikake" we've made is an additive-free furikake using only carefully selected domestic ingredients, making it enjoyable for everyone from young children to the elderly.

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Bringing Authentic Aroma to Your Daily Table: The Birth of Aonori Furikake

The "Suji-Aonori" used in this furikake has the highest quality of taste and smell. Particularly, its aroma is said to be four times stronger than other domestically produced Sujiaonori.

*Let's take a closer look at the fragrance of "Suji-Aonori" produced by Sea Vegetable.

 The material used for sprinkling is very simple.

We have been pursuing a blend of "Honkare Bushi", from Kinnachi Shoten a bonito shop in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture,  and the "Suji-Aonori" in Makurazaki City.
Furthermore, there are only organic white sesame and salt made of deep ocean water in Muroto Cape, Kochi Prefecture, and it is finished with the ingredients.

The ingredients used in this furikake are simple: the "Sujiaonori," "Honkare Bushi (dried bonito flakes)" from Kanesichi Shoten, a well-known katsuobushi shop in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, organically grown white sesame, and salt made from deep seawater off Cape Muroto in Kochi Prefecture. These ingredients are blended to complement each other's strengths.

Sweetzitable Blue Sprinkle

When you put the Aonori Furikake in your mouth, the aroma of "Sujiaonori" rushes into your nose, followed by the smoky aroma and umami of the katsuobushi, spreading throughout your mouth. When sprinkled over white rice, it becomes so delicious that you won't want to leave a single grain behind.

Nothing Extra, Just Simple Deliciousness

One of its attractive features is that it is safe to use even for baby food.

Because there are no unnecessary additives, this furikake offers a delicious taste that everyone can share, from young children to the elderly, regardless of age.

Not Just for White Rice! Recommended Arrangements for Seaweed Furikake"

"Sujiaonori" is most aromatic at steaming temperatures. First, sprinkle it over freshly cooked hot rice and enjoy the simplicity of the delicious combination of white rice and Aonori Furikake.

However, Seavegtable's Aonori Furikake is too precious to simply sprinkle over white rice! You can also use it as a "flavoring dashi" for other dishes.

Sea Begitable Blue Sprinkle _ Natto Rice

Sea Begitable Blue Sprinkle _ Egg over rice

 If you use natto rice or egg -cooked rice, it will also increase your nutritional value as well as taste.

Sea Begitable Blue Sprinkle _ Onion Slice

You can also enjoy a different kind of salad by sprinkling it over sliced onions and other vegetables

▶︎Recommended storage method for Furikake

To fully enjoy the deliciousness of furikake until the very end, we recommend refrigerating it.

Of course, storing it at room temperature (avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity) as stated on the package is also fine. However, because the inside of the refrigerator maintains a lower temperature and humidity, it is possible to store furikake without losing its flavor and aroma.

If you have been storing furikake at room temperature, please try putting it in the refrigerator. You may be surprised at the difference in flavor and color. (Especially for "Aonori Furikake," it is recommended to refrigerate it as the "Sujiaonori" used in the ingredients is suitable for stable storage conditions.)


Although it's just a single "furikake," it's a product that we've put an extraordinary amount of effort into creating.

Alongside our flagship product, "Sun-dried Sujiaonori," Seavegtable's "Aonori Furikake" has gained immense popularity and has many loyal fans. It's perfect not only for home use but also as a small gift.

We would be delighted if you could share this deliciousness with many people.