[Until Sunday, February 5] New product release commemorative campaign is underway / Sea Begitability ~ vol.13 ~

[Delivery date: February 3, 2023]

The cold days are still going on.
Potes often appear on my dining table.
I often do it because it is easy to prepare, but it tends to have the same taste.

In the campaign currently being implemented, we are presenting a seaweed fermented seasoning "Aonori Yuzu Pepper" that adds a refreshing accent to such a regular pot!
Please check it.

● The new product "Wakojiki Aokang" is on sale! Campaign details announcement

● Recommended seaweed recipes 3 selections -Wakojiki Yuzu / green

● Salon du Chocolat 2023 store opening report


▼ New product "Wakojiki Aokuta" is on sale
Campaign details announcement

(Limited to the first 100 pieces)
For those who received your order by February 5th (Sun)

As a new product release commemoration
During the reservation and sales period, including 1 or more points "Wakabijiki Aoma"
To customers who purchase more than ¥ 5,000 or more,
"Aonori Yuzu pepper" is pickled with green pepper "tiger tail".

In addition, we will deliver free shipping!

A flavor that combines the green pepper "tiger tail" to the raw boss and the yuzu from Kochi prefecture.
And yuzu pepper with a refreshing pungency.

Born from Sea Vegetable Test Kitchen
It is an original seaweed fermented seasoning that can only be obtained here.

Put it on a roasted chicken, add it to the spices of hot pot dishes.
Then, it should be a deep taste that has never been tasted before ...

pleaseseaweed×fermentationA food experience at home.


\ シャ シャ シャ と と シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ シャ/ /
Just as it is
  "Wakojiki Ao Tang" is on sale

   Click here for details





▼ 3 recommended seaweed recipes
~ Wakojiki Yuzu / Gorang ~

Introducing how to eat young hijiki.

If you want to finish it with the scent of citrus, use "Wakojiki Yuzu".
If you want to add pungency to the accent, use "Wakojiki Aomo".

There is no doubt if you keep it in the refrigerator!
Please enjoy all -purpose hijiki at home that you can enjoy while using your favorite dishes and the mood at that time.

Click here for the seaweed recipe of Wakabijiki


▼ Salon du Chocolat 2023 store opening report

Salon du Chocolat 2023

Thank you very much for everyone who came!
Despite the first store opening this time, many people came to the place to be sold out every day for both the sweets and the fermented non -alcoholic beverages "Sea Wine".

Some of them have visited me many times,
To those who won all the sweets provided ...
For most people, I think this was the first experience to eat sweets using seaweed.

How was the encounter of "seaweed x cacao"?

I would be glad if you could have the opportunity to know the deliciousness and possibilities of seaweed and the depth of chocolate.

We will also send our future initiatives through the Sieveji, so please look forward to it!