[April Notice] Spring Featured Event Information / Sea Begitability ~ Vol.14 ~

[Delivery date: April 13, 2023]

The cold days have been relaxed and the number of warm days has increased.
Spring is a season when seaweed is easy to spend. Looking at the seaweed growing rapidly at the production base, it feels as if you were waiting for spring, and it feels very dear.

This time, we will guide you to a place where you can eat such seaweeds deliciously.

● April event store opening information ①
4/19-25 Participate in the campaign project of Isetan Shinjuku!

● April event store opening information ②
this weekend! 4/15-16 PASS THE BATON Market

● Limited time collaboration information
A menu using squirrels blue nori appears at Soup Stock TOKYO

● About GW's holiday period


▼ Collaboration products using squirrels are also sold!
4/19-25 Participate in the campaign project of Isetan Shinjuku

Sustainability activity "Sustainability Activities"Think Good" From this week, there are plans at stores near Tokyo to think about sustainable from various perspectives, such as food and fashion.

From Wednesday, April 19 (Wednesday), we have decided to open a sea vigitable!
In addition to purchasing our products at the store, this POP-UP sells collaboration products that use squirrels.

Special menu using seaweed seaweed is also provided!
We look forward to everyone with a lot of content.

On the kitchen stage on the same floor
A sustainable seafood menu using sinusi blue glue, designed by Cynthia Sincere Chef Ishii.

Detail isHerefrom. Please drop in by all means.

Isetan Shinjuku store POP-UP

4/19 (Wed) -4/25 (Tue) 10: 00-20: 00

Isetan Shinjuku Store 1 basement floor
Inside the food stage and fresh market

▼ This weekend! 4/15 (Sat) -4/16 (Sun) Held
We will exhibit at Pass The Baton Market Vol.11!

For items that were sleeping in the warehouse, in the community and culture,
An unusual flea market that reverses light and changes its appearance.

Continuing from the last time, at "Pass The Baton Food Store"
Seabejitable will also be exhibited!

On the day, you can purchase some products that you usually sell online.

Perfect for items that color your new life and go out in spring
You should find a special encounter.

We look forward to your visit.

* Preliminary registration is required when you come.
This URLPlease register from.


Pass the Baton Market Vol.11

2023 April 15 (Sat) to 16 (Sun) 11: 00-19: 00 (the last day ends at 18:00)
* Last admission is up to 30 minutes before the end time / rainy weather

Location: Kokuyo Tokyo Shinagawa Office "THE CAMPUS" (indoors / outdoors)

Admission: 300 yen * Free elementary school students and younger

▼ If you are nearby, please try it!
Soup Stock TOKYO × Sea Vegetable Limited Menu

Soup and porridge using the fragrant "streak blue nori"
Soup Stock TOKYO appears for a limited time!

■ Scallops and squirrels blue chowder
2023 April 10 (Monday) to April 14 (Fri) / April 17 (Monday) to April 21 (Friday)
* Ends as soon as it is gone

■ Sugi Blue Nori and Chirimenja This dashi porridge (limited quantity)
2023 April 10 (Monday) -April 14th (Fri)

Soup Stock TOKYO Restaurant store ( * Excluding some stores)
For more information,Soup Stock TOKYO Restaurant Store ListPlease check this week's menu at the relevant store.



This is the announcement to those who are always reading Siebegg, and those who have purchased the product.

The following period will be closed for Golden Week in Sea Begitability.

◆ Closed period ◆
May 3, 2023 (Wednesday) -May 7, 2023 (Sun)

Inquiries and orders are accepted during the leave period,
The response will be resumed after May 8 (Monday), and the shipment of the product will start after May 9 (Tuesday). note that.
If you would like to ship before the leave period,Until 15:00 on Monday, May 1stPlease order. Subsequent orders will be shipped sequentially from May 9 (Tuesday).

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.

Please spend a wonderful Golden Week.





  Recommended seaweed this month 

 "Wakahijiki Sakura"  

Name regrettable spring scentA little longer
It will attach to the dining table.
Sales for this season have become small.
If you are considering, please purchase as soon as possible.