2023 New Year Greetings / Sea Vegetable ~ Vol.12 ~

 [Delivery date: January 2023 1Day 】

happy new year.

Sea Begitable official online store
One year since the opening supported by everyone.

The other day, we finally crossed the sea in Japan and overseas
Our seaweed can now be delivered.

And it seems exciting again this year
New challenges are waiting one after another.

2023 with you
I hope you can enjoy the possibility that seaweed will spread.

I wish you a wonderful year for you.

Sea Vegetable





▼ New Year's reading "Haba Zoni loved in the area"

What is the unforgettable “hometown zoni” for you?

Ozoni with different types of rice cakes and ingredients to be put in depending on the region.
The food culture that is indispensable for the New Year in Japan is rooted in each area.

Today, the new year, we will introduce Haba Zoni, which is popular in Chiba and other places.

The taste of the area that you want to inherit to the next generation.
I think that each home has a familiar taste.

Please take in the seaweed seaweed and enjoy your unique zoni.

▼ January event store opening information

SANCHA HAVE A Goood Market

Tokyo is a limited -edition market in Sangenjaya, where Setagaya Sosa and various parts of the country gather and intersect.

To meet delicious things and wonderful producers.
We are also looking forward to seeing you.

■ Date: 1/9 (holiday/Month) 11: 00-17: 00
■ Location: Sangenjaya Fureai Square
2-17- 17- 17-7-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004

- Salon Du Chocolat Salon du Chocolat 2023

It has been decided to open for the first time at Salon Du Chocolat, a chocolate festival from Paris!

If "cacao" and "seaweed" meet ...

There are about 20,000 kinds of seaweed in this world, all of which are divided into three colors: red (red algae), green (green algae), and brown algae.
In this salon du chocolate, we offer sweets that express these three colors of seaweed with chocolate.

Be sure to come to experience a new food experience created by Sea Vegetable, which explores the potential of "seaweed", as a food ingredient that has not been known yet.

Part1 TASTE OF CACAO -Spread, Enjoy, Cacao World-
■ Date: 1/22 (Sun) -1/25 (Wed) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
*The provision of Sea Vegetables is scheduled from around 11:00.
*Limited quantity, end as soon as sold out
■ Location: Isetan Shinjuku Main Store Main Building 6th floor

Salon du Chocolat 2023
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▼ Now is the season! "Wakabijiki Yuzu" is on sale

A new texture! The hijiki of the delicious young bud as it is.

Even those who have eaten too much during the year -end and New Year holidays, the hijiki full of dietary fiber is delicious ◎

Try to incorporate the new texture of a new encounter, such as "sea vegetables", and the fragrance of yuzu that smells fluffy.

Orders accepted: 24 hours augment
New Year's shipment starts: Shipped sequentially from Thursday, January 5th
Inquiries: Started on Wednesday, January 4th

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