A new initiative starts after "Sea Day"!

A joint project with a hot spring dojo traveled by a hot spring dojo Co., Ltd. was implemented.

Argoterapy is a France -born natural treatment that heals the mind and body due to the blessings of seawater and seaweed.


Recently, it has been established as a beauty method that uses sea minerals, such as seaweed packs and sea mud, and is popular in Europe.

This time, Siebejitable conducts a joint project with a hot spring dojo traveling on a traveling hot spring dojo on the day of the “sea” where seaweed lives.

We offered sea oyrei baths and seaweed clays (seaweed packs) inspired by Argoterapy only on the sea day.

State of seaside bath using Suzia Onori

▼ State of a sea breet using Sujia Onori

Photo of seaweed clay (seaweed pack)

▼ Seaweed clay (seaweed pack)


What a seaweed therapy using the synonym "Suzia Onori"!

The stage is a hot spring dojo that realizes regional revitalization based on hot springs and "disseminates culture from the bath".

At "Furo Café Haleniwa no Yu", we held an event to feel the sea in Saitama in the sea -free prefecture, so it was a business company.Current affairs dot comBut I had you pick it up.

Of course, eat seaweed deliciously!

The more you know, the more interesting you are, the more you will find the world of seaweeds with infinite potential in the future.

Various initiatives will be implemented at other stores in the future.

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7/16 (Sat) to 7/18 (Monday)

Furo Café Yumoriza(Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture)

Furo Café Hareniwa no Yu(Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture)

Co -sponsored:Hot spring dojo traveling