Cultivating a Sustainable Cycle between the Ocean, People, and Communities

Did you know there are thousands of seaweeds out there that used to be eaten but are now hard to find, and some that are delicious but haven't been on our plates much?

Enter Sea Vegetable, where we embark on a mission to harvest these oceanic wonders!

From cultivation (including seedling nurturing, facility development, water quality analysis, and trial production) to harvesting, processing, sales, and culinary innovation, we oversee every step of the journey.

Along the way, we team up with local fishermen who help cultivate the seaweeds, facility developers who create the perfect growing environment, and chefs who get excited about incorporating seaweed into their dishes.

Together, we aspire not only to enrich our oceans' ecosystems but also spread the joy of seaweed culture and dining!


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