Salon Du Chocolat 2024

"Cacao x seaweed"

New food experience that you would have never tasted before

Salon Du Chocolat, the world's largest chocolate festival, which started in Paris, France in 1995, gathering top -notch chocolates and diverse branded chocolate.

The Salon Du Chocolat 2024, held at the Tokyo venue (Isetan Shinjuku store) in 2024, consists of about one month.

Various shoppers, including famous chocolatier patissiers in Japan and overseas, approach the charm of chocolate and cacao with each approach.


Sea Begitability will open in “TASTE OF CACAO -Spread, Enjoy, Cacao World-” to be held from Wednesday, January 17, 2024 to January 22 (Monday).
( * Wednesday, January 17th, is a special invitation day for MI Card members.)

Now you can enjoy sweets that combine "cacao" and "seaweed" that can only be tasted here at the venue.

Cacao and seaweed that have many possibilities to become unknown in the modern era with abundant ingredients.

It is hard to experience even if you look around the world
Sweets with these two ingredients,
Please enjoy the new food experience created by the combination of two ingredients at the venue.

Salon du Chocolat 2024

3 sweets that can be enjoyed at the venue

1. Pavlova of the Sea

With a rich "streak blue chicken", the fruit of the mountain, the refreshing acidity of cacao juice

1 dish ¥ 4,290 (tax included)


A newly eaten meringue sweets with a lot of fragrant tasted blue glue, the outside, the inside, and the inside of the two faces.
Combined with cacao juice, Natsuhaze, which was served with homemade cacao oil, Sarnashi, a Japanese fruits, the sprouts of Matsuba, and seaberry.

It is a dish that reminds me that "cacao is a fruit".

2. Tarttatan of the sea

Add a freshly baked "Hirome", apple and cacao flavor

1 dish ¥ 3,630 (tax included)


Tarttan baked with sherry aroma and kelp caramel, with a juicy texture of the seaweed "Hirome" and apple layers of the wakame cooked with dashi with a slightly sweetness.
It is a seasonal dish with freshly baked fragrance.

The rich flavor spreads when combined with chocolate sauce attached to the side and cacao fresh bean cream.

3. The Sea Mont Blanc

Harmony of the umami of aged chestnuts and "kelp", and chocolate

1 dish ¥ 3,630 (tax included)


A tribute to Mont Blanc, where you can enjoy various differences in texture.

The fragrant elements of kelp scattered in some places, such as chestnut flavors aged with kelp soup, custard and fuytinu in the umami of kelp, combine with hundreds of fragrant ingredients of cacao to create a deep depth. (*A small amount of alcohol is used)

《Petit Gateauー》

To everyone who visited the event,
We're thrilled to offer a special menu this year, designed to allow you to delve even deeper into this captivating world. Alongside your ordered sweets, we've curated a mini-course featuring two varieties of 'Petit Gateau.' We hope this enhances your experience and leaves you with fond memories of indulgence and delight. Dive into this exquisite culinary journey and savor every moment!


[ To start ]

Suji-Aonori Mousse
Aonori-Cacao Butter

Mousse Packed with the Allure of Sujiaonori.

This dish encapsulates the refreshing aroma and delicate flavor and color unique to Sujiaonori. It's all beautifully encapsulated in a cacao butter powder.

Indulge in its airy, melt-in-your-mouth texture and the delicate yet rich fragrance of Sujiaonori, spreading gently throughout your palate.


[ To finish ]

Tosakanori, Plum
Rose and Chocolate

《Take Out Only》

Baked confectionery packed with the charm of "Aosa"

"Sea Madeleine Aosa"

Seaweed is compatible with oils and fats.
And surprisingly, it goes well with dairy products.
It was a simple but new discovery of sweets born while studying the potential as a seaweed ingredient.

The fresh flavor created by the use of the "raw Aosa" cultivated by Siebigitable is the only presence that changes the concept of seaweed that you imagine.

In line with the opening of Salon Du Chocolat 2024, we have prepared two kinds of flavors with white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Please enjoy the exquisite balance between chocolate and Madeleine.


【Selling price】
2,530 yen (tax included)

[Details of contents]
Dark chocolate / white chocolate
2 pieces x 3 bags


Also pay attention to the design that is particular about the details ◎

Also pay attention to the original box created by expanding the image of slowly entering deep into the sea, from the moment you pick up the box to the mouth!

Hand -printed boxes by the seaweed designer have a little different expression, which can also be felt unique to hand -printed.

Also, when you open the box, you will look into your face,
It is also worth paying attention to the design that feels like a sea, such as the design of a paper that is shaking the calm waves of the sea.

Seaweed is both seasoning and sweets

This time, there are three types of use: "Suri Blue Sori", "Kelp" and "Hirome (the same seaweed)".

Speaking of blue glue, Isobe fried, kelp is dashi and miso soup, but it is still a seaweed with limited dishes and cooking methods.

SEA VEGETABLE TEST KITCHEN, which pioneers and deliver new food experiences with various approaches, proposes the potential for this "seaweed" ingredients as a sweets that combines cacao and seaweed.

<Products scheduled to be sold on the day>

Enjoy a life with seaweed at home. Original products are also available.

Our test kitchen team have been busy diving deep into the world of cacao and chocolate, developing a brand new menu to showcase the delicious possibilities when seaweed and cacao collide. Whether you’re an avid chocolate lover, a sweet tooth looking for something new, or a fan of all things seaweed, we can guarantee there’ll be something to shock and excite your tastebuds!

『Salon du Chocolat 2024』

Overview of the store

〈PART1〉TASTE OF CACAO ~Expanding, enjoying, the world of cacao~

[ Date and time ] Wednesday, January 17, 2024 ~ Monday, January 22, 2024
10 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. each day (*Ends at 6 p.m. on the last day only)

*Limited quantity, will end as soon as sold out

*Wednesday, January 17 is a special invitation day for MI Card members.

* From the viewpoint of alleviating congestion at the venue, admission from 10:00 ~ 12:00 each day will be by advance reservation by lottery method (admission only for customers with free admission numbered tickets).

[ Venue ] Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 6th Floor Event Hall

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