Isetan Shinjuku store POP-UP 2023.04.19-04.25

Sustainability activity "Think GOOD" is working on the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group.

4From the middle of the month, there are plans to think about sustainable from various perspectives, such as food and fashion, at stores near Tokyo.

Isetan Mitsukoshi "Think Good"

From 4/19 (Wed), we have decided to open a seaweed!

In addition to purchasing our products at the store
In this POP-UP, we sell collaboration products using squirrels.

At the eat -in booth, you can eat special menus using seaweed seaweed.

We look forward to your visit with a lot of content.

Isetan Shinjuku _Sea VegetablePop-Up


Wine Stand Kanpani

[Provided menu]
Nori butter Panini
・ Eat -in: ¥ 825 (tax included)
・ Takeout: ¥ 810 (tax included)

[Scheduled date of store]
April 24 (Monday)

  • Laughing snack ∞

    [Provided menu]
    SEA VEGE HAPPY Selectable Omusubi 4 pieces
    ・ Eat -in (with miso soup and pickles): ¥ 1,430 (tax included)
    ・ Takeout: ¥ 1,080 (tax included)

    [Scheduled date of store]
    April 19 (Wed), 20th (Thu), 22 (Sat), 23rd (Sun), 25th (Tue)


* Details provided may be changed depending on the situation on the day.
* The eat -in menu will end as soon as it is sold out.




In addition, on the kitchen stage on the same floor,
There is also a sustainable seafood menu using squirrels by chef Ishii, a famous Kitasando store, "Cynthia / SINCERE".

[SINCERE/Cynthia] Sustainable Seafood Menu

One dish of the menu woven by chef Ishii, who is eager to protect the fishery resources and marine environment, has a seaweed seaweed!



Isetan Shinjuku store POP-UP
4/19 (Wed) -4/25 (Tue) 10: 00-20: 00
Isetan Shinjuku Store 1 basement floor
Inside the food stage and fresh market