A limited -time menu using squirrel blue glue is available in Soup Stock TOKYO!

From this week, nationwideSOUP STOCK TOKYOIn "Menu of the Week", two menus using Sea Vegetable Suji Aonori are appearing for a limited time!
Scallops and streak blue chowder

■ Scallops and squirrels blue chowder

A soup full of white fish and flavored vegetables, a crumb chowder with cauliflower and scallop.

It is not a parsley, but the fragrant "streak blue nori".
The finish is to bring out the umami with the fluffy scent on the steam.

Please enjoy the light seafood taste.

2023 April 10 (Monday) to April 14 (Fri) / April 17 (Monday) to April 21 (Friday)
* It will be sold in limited quantities from April 17 (Monday).
Sugi Blue Nori and Chirimenja This Dashi soup porridge

■ Sugi Blue Nori and Chirimenja Kojiri Porridge
* It will be sold in limited quantities.

It is a porridge with the taste of kelp dashi with a soft scent of blue glue spread over the mouth.

For a gentle taste, the texture of the yam, the chirimenjako, and the bubbler are accented.
The moment you feel the crispy texture of the yam, the scent of the sea flourishes spreads in your mouth at once.

2023 April 10 (Monday) -April 14th (Fri)

Soup Stock TOKYO Restaurant store ( * Excluding some stores)
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By all means, for breakfast before work,
For the energy charge of lunch time that I do my best every day
On the way back to warm and warm.
I would be happy if you could enjoy it at the store.