Recommended "seaweed snacks" 3 recipes

The sunset gradually becomes faster, and I feel the autumn footsteps every day.

How about enjoying alcohol with snacks using seaweed on a cool and easy -to -spend autumn night?

Here are some recommended recipes that can be made quickly at the end of your work.

Let's lick Milin


If you are in a izakaya, you'll just ask you.

Actually I like it. However, it seems to be troublesome, and there are many people who are hard to make at home.

The sashimi has been left a little extra. In such a case, add milin to complete an adult snack with plenty of satisfaction ◎

Tosakanori's menta


Even a small amount of mentaiko is the best snack immediately when you put it together!

A dish that addicts the crispy texture of Tosakanori and the bubble wrap of Mentaiko.

An instant snack that can be made immediately with just a mix of ingredients.
It should play a role in a drink on a day when you don't want to do anything.

Blue Nori Chizumi


A simple snack "Chizumi" that suits alcohol and satisfies your stomach

The point is to use plenty of blue seaweed for fabrics and toppings! The arrangement is infinite if you change the ingredients and sauce to be combined.



What are your recommended "seaweed snacks"?

On the [RECIPE] page of the seaweed, we are updating recommended recipes using seaweed at any time. Please enjoy your favorite seaweed dishes while looking into other recipes.