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 If you have eggs and potato starch at home, you can make a simple recipe!

Include the sauce and your favorite ingredients and the arrangement ◎



Sea Begitable Sure Blue Nori: About 3-4g
・ Egg white:3 pieces (2 for all eggs)
・ Potato starch: 30g
・ Water: about 60g
・ Salad oil: Small amount
・ Pork crow rice (as you like): 5-6 pieces

How to:

  1. Slowly mix the egg whites into the potato starch dissolved in water and mix them quietly. Once it is uniformly mixed, add the amount of blue paste as you like.
  2. Express the salad oil in a frying pan, turn it over medium heat and spread pork roses. Mix the 2 dough again and then flush it on the pork.
  3. Bake for 3-4 minutes to the extent that the pork does not burn, and turn it over when crispy grilled. Reduce the fire a little and bake the dough on the back.
  4. Confirm the bamboo skewer to the middle of the fire (the baking time changes depending on the amount of ingredients and the size of the frying pan).
  5. Put the blue glue as much as you like for the finish and serve it in a bowl to complete!