Easy & a little luxury! Surushi blue glue dip


A very simple cheese dip just to mix.

Perfect for a little hospitality and alcohol. Blue paste is added and nutrition is added!


Material (for 2 people):

With plenty of your favorite amount of the streak dried as it is

Cream cheese (return to room temperature a little before making) 80g
Sugar -free yogurt (along with moisture) 15g to 20g
Lemon juice (if you like) about 1/2 teaspoon
Zucchini (sliced ​​to about 1cm) 1/2
Ginseng (sliced ​​to about 1cm) 1/2
1 tablespoon olive oil
Appropriate amount of salt

How to:

    1. Put the cream cheese in a bowl, stretch it softly with a rubber spatula, add yogurt little by little (even if you like lemon juice).
    2. Mix the streaks into 1 while loosening the blue glue by hand. The photo is about two. If you want to finish it with a more green dip, plenty
    3. Put garlic with olive oil in a frying pan (low heat) and slowly scent. Be careful not to burn it ~
    4. If the scent of garlic comes, the carrots are cut in a lattice -shaped cut of the carrots about 2 minutes each, and the brown color in about 1 minute (medium heat).
    5. 4 is lightly salt as you like. If you add plenty of blue glue to 2, adjust the saltiness of the vegetables because the saltiness becomes stronger. OK without having to do
    6. Pack 2 in a deep bowl, such as a cocot dish, while soft. * With this recipe, the amount that can fit perfectly into the cocot of [6.5cm in diameter]
    7. Arrange carrots and zucchini in a flat plate in order, and add butter knives to the dip. In addition to grilled vegetables, raw vegetables and baguettes

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