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Through seaweed, people and the ocean are made sound.

Sea Vegetable was founded in 2016 by Jun Hachiya and Yuichi Tomohiro, with a vision of creating a business in aquaculture which incorporates local communities, empowering people within these communities to support their local environment. 

The business model we currently employ was at the time the world’s first to successfully cultivate seaweed on land using underground seawater.

Land-Based Aquaculture

The foundation of our company begins by extracting seeds of mother algae from various regions of Japan. 

We carefully nurture them through infancy to eventually cultivate them using mineral-rich underground seawater in our land-based farming facilities. We provides a stable supply of high-quality Suji Aonori all year round with our proprietary equipment (patented) and production know-how

Sea-Based Aquaculture

We have also developed techniques in environmentally-friendly open-sea cultivation, where we collaborate with local fishermen all over Japan. If we can identify a time and sea area that is not subject to feeding damage and cultivate suitable seaweeds there, we can create seaweed beds even if only for a period of time.
We believe that this will enrich and nurture the marine ecosystem.

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