Habanori rice Journal

The left is dry habanori
The right is baked

It becomes a beautiful green color that bake for about 20 seconds with a 200 degree toaster.
It is OK to roast the sky in a frying pan.

It is a standard in the classic way of eating delicious haba.
Isn't this how to eat the best? The call is high
It is "Habanori rice".
The ingredients are Haganori, rice and soy sauce.
However, it doesn't seem to be simple to eat rice with soy sauce on rice.
In particular, in Owase City, Mie Prefecture, which is very popular
It seems to be basic to soak the habanori in soy sauce and then put it on rice.
What is the difference and how it gets delicious?
And why is it so popular?
I would like to verify this area.

First, put the baked baked on the rice
A pattern that sprinkles soy sauce from above.

eh! ?
This is already very delicious. 。 。 ^^;
It is completely different from the seaweed (mainly sabinori, etc.) and the blossom that you usually eat on a daily basis.
To express, the umami and aroma that combines seaweed, seaweed and kelp.
By adding rice and soy sauce to it
The impression I felt in my mouth is Isobe Mochi!
Um, it's a baked rice cake with soy sauce and wrapped with seaweed.
It's good.
The sons who liked seaweed have never eaten because they had a unique habit.
But wouldn't you eat this way of eating?
I thought so, aiming for the time when my stomach is starting to be empty before lunch.
I tried to feed my sons one by one
"horse! Replacement!・ ・ “I want to eat more! ] And a happy reaction came back.

at this point,
[It is very popular with children, a delicious way of eating. ]
Once! But it was so popular that I thought it would be fine.

Next is Owase Ryu
Sprinkle soy sauce in advance to the baked baked.

Moist, it has become a gravitory.
At this point, a delicious scent is drifting ^^;

Put this on hot rice,
There is a scent that is so appetizing.

Um, good.

I thought soy sauce was soaked in the haba nori,
The soy sauce is dressed with umami.
The first time, the amount of soy sauce seemed to be too large, and it became like salty tsukudani.
By adjusting the amount of soy sauce
Transform into "tremendous rice companion".
If this is in the rice ball, it will be tears.

Next is how to eat another region
A mixture of baked and baked gravitory and obushi.

This time,
I mixed the baked baked and baked oysters at 1: 1.

Bonito is in Kagoshima PrefectureBonito Susumu
I know it's delicious even before eating, but ^^;
I don't know what deliciousness it will be.

First, put it on rice and soy sauce from above.

Um! ! ! ! !
The tension is exploded.
As expected, this does not stop rice.

And finally,
Mix the habanori and tsubushi and apply soy sauce in advance.
It was moist.

If you put it on hot rice, the scent is amazing!
A session with the fascinating scent of Habanori and the scent of bonito that smolders the instinct.
That scent of cooked rice.
It is no longer "Jazz to eat".

The taste is.
"Pipy! ! ]
It is too delicious and off the foul, leaving a red card.


As I knew this time,
In conclusion, they are all delicious.
It is delicious, delicious.
The last is the taste of each
It may be good to change it depending on the application.
When you want to show it to fluffy and soft rice
When you want to wear Washawasha around the rice ball
When you want to explode the stains in your mouth with hot rice, which combines each other's umami
When you want to sneak into the rice balls.

By all means, how to eat your favorite Hadori
Please find it.

More detailed [Habanori blog] From here



Daisuke Okada
Born in 1979 Sushi writers / sushi craftsmen
At the age of 18, he trained to the food world, trained in sushi and became an independent sushi craftsman at the age of 24.
In 2008, in Chuo -ku, Tokyo, one pair of sushi restaurants a day "Vinegared rice shop(Meishiya) opened.
It is a hot topic among foods.
After that, he moved to Asakusa Bridge and Edogawa Bridge in Bunkyo -ku in 2016.
The model of the French sushi manga "L'ART DU SUSHI"
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He spreads the possibility of a sushi chef every day.
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