The realm of culinary innovation takes on a new dimension with the introduction of Suuna, a type of seaweed known for its distinctive characteristics.

Beyond the realm of sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine, few ingredients possess such a diverse range of qualities.

From its visually striking three-dimensional form to its translucent hues of blue and purple, Suuna captivates the senses with its surprising texture.

Indeed, the creative potential for chefs is boundless with this remarkable seaweed.

Suuna, beloved in the waters surrounding Okinawa, has found its way into the hearts and palates of many, including those who appreciate Ishigaki Island's traditional cuisine.

Among the classic ways to enjoy Suuna, "Suuna Tuna Salad" stands out as a staple dish. Its crunchy and crisp texture adds a captivating presence when incorporated into salads or traditional Japanese dishes. However, the joy of Suuna extends far beyond these familiar avenues.

As a sushi chef who engages with sea creatures daily, Mr. Okada has recommended various ways to incorporate Suuna into culinary creations.

Suuna Red Shiso Pickles

Simply marinate Suuna with red shiso leaves. The crunchy texture of Suuna combined with the refreshing aroma of shiso leaves creates an irresistible dish. Whether as a palate cleanser or as a side dish for grilled fish, indulge in this newfound favorite.

Suuna Chicken Meatballs

Suuna is also recommended for use in ground foods. Its texture remains unchanged even when cooked, providing a delightful cartilage-like crunch as an accent.

Suuna and Green Bean Tuna Spaghetti

Suuna transcends traditional Japanese cuisine and can be enjoyed across various culinary genres. For instance, incorporate Suuna into oil-based pasta dishes with garlic, olive oil, and your choice of ingredients. Adjust the soaking time slightly to reduce the salt content, allowing Suuna to play its role without the need for additional seasoning. Begin sautéing the vegetables simultaneously, adding ingredients that cook quickly, and finish with seasoning for a delicious pasta dish.

Suuna Blueberry Syrup Pickles

After soaking Suuna in water to remove excess salt, immerse it in blueberry syrup. Of course, you can use your preferred fruit for this recipe. Discover a delightful and unique dessert with an enjoyable texture that you've never experienced before. Pair it with yogurt or vanilla ice cream for an unforgettable treat.


Daisuke Okada

Sushi Chef and Seaweed Cuisine Researcher. Born in 1979.

With 26 years of experience as a sushi chef (as of 2023), he operates the sushi restaurant "酢飯屋 Sumeshiya" in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. In his pursuit of understanding the journey from living creatures to food, he consistently approaches his craft from the perspective of a sushi chef. Beyond the cutting board, he immerses himself in the sea and engages in fishing to delve into the natural habitat of his ingredients.
Currently, he conducts various activities related to the sea, fish, sushi, and seaweed as a "sushi chef."

He is the author of the illustrated picture book "Welcome to the Sushi Shop! The Journey from Living Creatures to Food."

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