Seaweed Baths with Traveling Onsen Dojo

Exploring the Healing Power of Seaweed Baths with Traveling Onsen Dojo

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Traveling Onsen Dojo to introduce the "Seaweed Bath," a unique wellness experience harnessing the natural benefits of seawater and seaweed.

This initiative draws inspiration from Algotherapy, a French natural healing method that uses the ocean’s gifts, like seawater and seaweed, to rejuvenate both body and mind.

Recently, treatments using sea minerals like seaweed packs and marine mud have gained popularity in Europe as effective beauty regimens.

To celebrate Sea Vegetable's commitment to the oceans on "Sea Day," we partnered with Traveling Onsen Dojo for a special event featuring the Seaweed Bath and Seaweed Clay (Seaweed Pack).

State of seaside bath using Suzia Onori

▼ Seaweed Bath featuring Suji-Aonori

Photo of seaweed clay (seaweed pack)

▼ Seaweed clay (Seaweed pack)

This event marked the debut of our signature Suji-Aonori seaweed therapy!

It is hosted at two onsen facilities which both aim to commit to regional revitalization through hot springs and cultural engagement.

We were also featured by Jiji Press on Jiji Dot Com. on the event at "Ofuro Cafe Haleniwa no Hot spring( おふろcafé ハレニワの湯)" in Saitama.



Beyond enjoying seaweed in culinary creations, we’re exploring the limitless possibilities of seaweed in other domains, promising an exciting journey of discovery.


Stay tuned for more initiatives at other locations in the future. For further details, check out our event page and Sea Vegetable's official social media channels.



Event Details:

Dates: July 16 (Saturday) - July 18 (Monday)



Furo Café Yumoriza(Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture)

Furo Café Hareniwa no Yu(Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture)

Co -sponsored: Traveling Onsen Dojo