Officially launched the business use of the seaweed "Suna", which has been loved around Okinawa

The seaweed "Suna" that has been loved around Okinawa.
Because of the deliciousness of "Suna", which is now natural and hardly harvested, and the desire to leave the food culture rooted in the community.We have been testing and selling it at Noma KYOTO and other stores, including research and trial cultivation.
And this time, we will start selling to restaurants and hotels from the official online store for the Sea Begitable wholesale.

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( * We are not currently selling general sales. Please note that in advance.)

The unique texture that cannot be replaced with other ingredients is perfect for salads.
The texture remains even when heated, so you can enjoy it with dishes such as tempura.
Cookers who have never met "Suna" before, please meet new ingredients on this occasion.

State of sea surface cultivation of Suna

■ Product name:Shiozura Suna

■ Raw materials: Suna (domestic) / salt
■ Capacity: ① 500g ② 1kg
■ Save method: Refrigerated (saved under 10 ° C or less)
■ Shelf expiration date: 6 months
■ Nutritional notation (per 100g): Heat volume 21kcal, protein 4.0g, lipid 0.1g, carbohydrate 6.1g, salt equivalent 20.07g

* Because production is limited,It will end as soon as it is sold out. Please note
* This item is limited to domestic shipping.


\ Everyone who wishes to purchase and handle "Suna"

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Voices of businesses and chefs that handle "Suna"

"Unique and comfortable texture not found in any ingredients"

I think that "Suna" is the most attractive that has a unique and comfortable texture that has nothing to do with any ingredients.
It is mainly used for pottery, but there are one who replaces only "Suna". Sometimes asked, "It's really delicious, but what is this?"
In addition, we pickle spring rolls together with shrimp, soak in vinegar soy sauce, and use it for salads, etc.
(Siwado, Shibuya -ku, Tokyo)


"New seaweed dishes created by seaweed named Suna"

Not only from the perspective of sushi and Japanese food, but also on various ingredients, ingredients that have such individuality are rare. Three -dimensional, eye -catching, transparent blue and purple color, and a surprising texture to eat. There is a seaweed in Suna, which is packed with many elements that can stimulate the creativity of the chef.
At the time of providing, the expression of the surprise and smile of the customer at the moment when he put it in his mouth and chewed Suna, despite the fact that the texture is amazing. The most happy thing to offer dishes is. Suna will delight the customers with their presence in any dish.
(Daisuke Okada, Bunkyo -ku, Tokyo)