"Seaw Wine" Made from Fermented Seaweed - Unveiled at Isetan Shinjuku Store's "Salon du Chocolat 2023"

Sea Vegetable Co., Ltd. (Representatives: Jun Hataya, Yuichi Tomohiro; Headquarters: Aki City, Kochi Prefecture) is pround to unveil its new brand, "Re-seaweed," aimed at fostering a fresh culinary culture centered around seaweed and sharing it with the world.

As the inaugural offering, we are thrilled to present "Sea Wine" a non-alcoholic beverage crafted by fermenting Aonori seaweed. You can experience this unique creation firsthand at Salon du Chocolat 2023.


Seaw Wine made from green seaweed @ Salon du Chocolat 2023 600 yen (tax included)

*Available in limited quantities while supplies last.

*Take-out cups will be provided on the day of the event.

"Re-seaweed": Pioneering a New Culinary Paradigm

The oceans, which cover 70% of the Earth's surface, are home to approximately 1,500 species of seaweed in Japanese waters alone. Astonishingly, all of these are edible, yet humanity has largely overlooked their potential as food.

Tasty, fun, and innovative—a brand dedicated to delivering a culinary experience unlike any other, utilizing seaweed as its primary ingredient.

What is "Seaweed Kombucha" proposed by Re-Seaweed?

Sea Wine ~ represents a novel form of beverage created from the fusion of seaweed and fermentation. Our goal was not merely to imbue the base beverage with the taste and aroma of seaweed but to create an extraordinary drink where seaweed takes center stage—a drink that surprises and delights everyone. Thus, Ocean Wine. a non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting seaweed. was born.

Harnessing the natural goodness of seaweed, Seaweed Ocean Wine contains only "seaweed, water, and sugar."

Similar to the fermentation process used to make kombucha from tea, we ferment seaweed with added sugar to transform the conventional perception of seaweed into a refreshing, fruity flavor profile. Those in the culinary industry who have sampled it have expressed disbelief, marveling at the deliciousness of a drink derived from seaweed.

In the future, we will further carry on our journey to developing original blends using other kinds of extraordinary seaweeds.

*Contains a trace amount of alcohol (1% or less) naturally produced during the fermentation process.

"Seaweed Ocean Wine" Debuts at Salon Du Chocolat 2023

Salon du Chocolat 2023
Part1 TASTE OF CACAO -Spread, Enjoy, Cacao World-
□ Event Dates: January 22, 2023 (Sun) -An January 25 (Wednesday) *Each day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (The last day ends 6:00 pm)
*Provision is scheduled to start around 11:00 AM. Available in limited quantities until sold out.
□ Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6th floor event

■ Featured Sweets / beverages
・Chocolate Cake with Suji-Aonori Seaweed

・Kombu and Black Sugar, Cocoa Nib Semifreddo

・Red Seaweed and Cocoa Pulp Milk Mousse

・Sea Wine (Take-out only)

■ Expanding the Potential of Seaweed through Fermentation

By combining seaweed with fermentation, we aim to express flavors that seaweed inherently lacks. We will continue to deliver unparalleled culinary experiences by blending the rich history of Japan's culinary heritage with the novel fusion of "seaweed" and "fermentation."

Join us in exploring the vast potential of seaweed with Re-seaweed, where every sip is an adventure into uncharted gastronomic territory.

■ Inquiries

Sea Vegetable Company
Headquarters: 688-9 Anai Otsu, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture 784-0032 
Email address: info@seaveGes.com
Phone number: 0887-37-9835 

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