Re-seaweed has created a new form of drink “SEAWEED KOMBUCHA” that crosses seaweed and fermentation

Re-seaweed has created a new form of drink that crosses seaweed and fermentation.

With seaweed as the main ingredient, we challenged ourselves to create an outstanding drink that would surprise everyone. This is how  "Seaweed Kombucha" was born; a non-alcoholic drink made by fermenting seaweed.

Simplicity is the key to this. The ingredients we used were  "seaweed, water, and sugar" only. "Seaweed Kombucha" uses sugar to ferment the seaweed. This reactant of fermentation gives it a refreshing and fruity taste. Star chefs who have tried it say: "I can't imagine it's made from seaweed; "I'd like to pair it with various dishes." By creating a one-of-a-kind wine-like drink, we hope to bring out a new inspiration for seaweed.

The product is now being offered at selected locations in Japan. We are also thinking of developing original blends of "Seaweed Kombucha" using new seaweeds in the near future.

*Contains a trace amount of alcohol (below 1%) naturally produced during the fermentation process.

This product is released by Re-seaweed brand. Re-seaweed offers a limited number of products at a time. We will send the next release information to those who have registered the form.