Collaboration project! SOUP STOCK TOKYO × SEA VEGETABLE limited -time menu has appeared ~ Siebeji letter Vol.9 ~

[Delivery date: October 7, 2022]

Three consecutive holidays, what are you going to do?

I just sent the last Sieveji letter, but there are nice news that I would like to tell you as soon as possible, and this time we will deliver the Seabezu!

A limited -time menu using "Suji Ao Nori" has appeared

● Event information
We will open tomorrow at PASS THE BATON Market today!

● 10/10-16 | Seafood bath Week begins!

● New products are on sale!
"Blue Nori Sprinkle made seriously by the blue glue"

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A limited -time menu using "Suji Ao Nori" has appeared

futureofNew for foodSoup Stock TokyoMr. Miss.ofThe initiative "I am delicious, the future is delicious."In,Sea VegesTabofSashimi blueofUsing ""Sashimi blueofRito ChirimenjakoofDedic soup porridge "butIt will be sold.

"futureofTo protect "delicious"We related to foodbutWhat you can do. Thinking and moving,With producers and companiesofCollaborationRationplanis.

Sashimi blueofthe law of natureofSoft scentbutWide to the mouthbutInIt's kelpoftastebutKiyo porridge.
Not only the scent, but also the streak blueofAdd plentyseaweedbutOceanofThe fluctuation inside was reproduced.

Even now, the future is also delicious.butClogged porridge,By all meansbutPlease try!


period> 202210Monday 17th (Monday) -November 4th (Friday)
* Some stores10Until Friday, 28thofIt will be sold


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▼ Event information

Today, tomorrow, we will exhibit at PASS THE BATON MARKET vol.9!

The pass theavaton market that I announced last timeIt will be held today and tomorrow.
Those who have not decided on consecutive holidays yet,If you are worried about new Sea Vegetable products, please go out!


Pass the Baton Market Vol.9

Date and time: October 8 (Sat) to 9 (Sun) 11: 00-19: 00
* The last day ends at 18:00 / rainy weather /The last admission is 30 minutes before the end time.

Location: KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa Office THE CAMPUS JR Shinagawa Station 3 minutes walk

Application:This formPlease apply from.
Admission is applied before youPayment is all cashless.

Admission: 300 yen * Free elementary school students and younger


▼ 10/10-16 | Seafood bath Week begins!

On this year's sea day, a joint project with a joint project with a hot spring dojo traveling Co., Ltd. Thankfully, many customers were well received.

This time, we will power up the project and hold it!

・ Implementation of sea oyrei baths & seaweed clays ( * Ori -Café Shirasu no Yu provides seaweed clay only)
・ Providing a recipe using the new product "Aonori Furukake" at the restaurant of each store
・ At each store, three types of "Sugi Blue Nori / Habanori / Sprinkle" are sold.


For more information,We will continue to send from the official SNS of Sea Begitable.Please check it out!


▼ New product is on sale!

"Blue Nori Sprinkle made seriously by the blue glue"

"Blue Nori Furukake" was completed by repeated trial and error.Is now available from online stores.

The ingredients are not used at all, and the ingredients are squirrels, bonito, sesame, sesame.Salt only. You can enjoy the taste of each ingredient,It is a special sprinkle.