For year -end gifts and souvenirs! Sea Vegetable Winter Gift -Sea Vegetable News Vol.10 ~

[Delivery date: November 18, 2022]

Even if it's cold in the morning, it's warm during the day. There are days, but I still feel the winter footsteps little by little.

If you look at the calendar, it's a little over one month left this year.It's time to start thinking about year -end gifts while thinking of the face of the person who took care of me.

Close the year and give a special gift for those who have taken care of them.


● A blue glue springs join the original gift box!

● Event informationWe held a seaweed food exchange meeting!

● Media informationPublished in Mark's special feature "FOOD FACTFULNESS"


▼ Blue Nori sprinkle in the original gift box!

The sticky, Sea Vegetable gift box is perfect for year -end and returning souvenirs at the end of the year.

There are some areas where the streaks Ao Nori and Habanori are applied to zoni.

When the opportunity to gather together at the end of the year, why not try to surround seaweed dishes together?

In addition, it has been well received since its release in October.Blue Nori sprinkle made by the blue glue"Is also newly added.

Sprinkling finished without using any extra items can be enjoyed by small children and the elderly with confidence.


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▼ Event information

We held a seaweed food exchange meeting!

We invited Mr. Daisuke Okada, a sesive partner chef, and held a “seaweed food exchange meeting” for cooks and cooking researchers.

At the event, how to incorporate seaweeds and dishes that make use of the characteristics of seaweed.
It is a place where participants can interact with seaweed in the wake of seaweed and discover "delicious seaweed, seaweed is interesting" while having Okada a lecture on seaweed food in a demonstration format. I did it.

▼ Media information

Published in Mark's special feature "FOOD FACTFULNESS"

"Mark" is a media for everyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.
In the MARK special feature "Food FactiveLness", we had an interview with Ishizaka, a culinary development in charge of seaweed.

Witness the current situation of the sea, what we can do now.

We collect seaweed, take out seeds, and work on production, but it is important to expand the food culture and create an exit by "eating" and "eating seaweed deliciously". 。

What is the possibility of seaweed that you can see in the creation of seaweed dishes?
I would be glad if many people read it.

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