Delicious seaweed recipe in late summer! Health from the inside of the body ~ Seabeji News Vol.7 ~

[Delivery date: September 2, 2022]

There are hot days during the day, but the temperature in the morning and evening has become much more autumn. This time, we will introduce seaweed recipes that are perfect for the current season that Sea Begitability is recommended!

・ Sweetji Season Recommended Seaweed Recipe 3 Selections -Late Summer ~

・ 9/19 is Respect for the Aged Day! Give seaweed for your health

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Open a store at SANCHA HAVE A Goood Market!


▼ Seavecge season Recommended seaweed recipe 3 selections -Late summer ~

Eggplant's Nanban pickles & Takanori

When you feel the end of summer, do you want to eat summer vegetables? Enjoy the sour taste of pickled soup with a tsakanori!

Takanori Fruit Punch

It is a colorful seaweed dessert that is hot in the daytime and is not very motivated.

Habanori and roasted sake

The soft plum scent and the flutter have a very elegant taste. Recommended on days without appetite.

In addition, the seaweed recipes sent by SiebigitableHereIt is updated from time to time. Please check it.


▼ 9/19 is Respect for the Aged Day! Give seaweed for your health

A day to respect familiar elderly people. If you don't live near your grandparents or parents, why not convey the desire to live a long time with seaweed?

Water -soluble dietary fiber and minerals rich in seaweed are all good for the body. There is no doubt that those who care about their daily meals and those who are worried about their health will be pleased!

If you can order by September 11 (Sun), it can be delivered by Respect September 19 (Monday).

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▼ Event information

Open a store at SANCHA HAVE A Goood Market!

In this market, Sea Begitable's newly worked on the fragrant blue glue sprinkle made by the blue glue!

"Sugi Blue Nori", which has the highest fragrance height in both seaweed and blue glue, is located in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.Kinchi ShotenThe scent enhances the appetite for the special sprinkle combined with the bonito "classic clause".

The blue glue, which has the most fragrant in the temperature of steam, not only sprinkles on warm rice, but also noodles such as udon and soba, as well as "sprinkled soup stock" is infinite.

On the day, you can purchase a limited product that is a set of this sprinkle and "Suji Ao Nori" and "Habanori".

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SANCHA HAVE A Goood Market(Santa Havagood Market)

■ Date: September 19 (Mon) 11: 00-17: 00
■ Location: Sangenjaya Fureai Square
■ Admission: Free