Seaweed for summer vacation! For souvenirs and free research ~ Seabezu Vol.6 ~

[Delivery date: August 8, 2022]

It's hot enough to melt every day.

How about a cool seaweed at a vigitable to accompany the homecoming of Obon, the theme of free research, a little adding a daily dining table?

・ 2nd among seaweed rare roads! The theme this time is "Tosakanori"

·Media information
"Sotokoto" (September issue) "FORBS JAPAN" (September issue)

·event information
Held at Spiral (Spiral) in Aoyama, Tokyo

・ About product shipping during the Bon Festival

▼ The second theme of the seaweed rare road is "Tosakanori"!

Omasu's Seaweed A rare road -Cameleon Tosakanori in the seaweed world ~

Free research that was struggling from the theme decision every year. It was finished in an article that I would like to tell you secretly to Omayu at that time.

Not only is it delicious, but if you add something, the color will change, it will melt, and you will be absorbed in both adults and children with various faces. !

If you are worried about Tosakanori, or if your child is in trouble with free research, please read it.

Because it goes well with sourness, add it to the usual salad, make vinegar, or pickle. It should color the summer dining table in a bright red color.

▼ Media posting information

[Soko September issue] (released on August 5)

"Go to the dining table with seaweed more. Seavige Table and sea surface aquaculture model."

Based on an interview with our co -representative, we featured a seaweed initiative.

[FORBS JAPAN September issue] (released on July 25)

As one of the companies that attracted attention as a "cultural entrepreneur (culture player)", Biotope's representative Sasune introduced Siebertable.


▼ Event information

- "Umi no Mori, Umi no Ikai Exhibition" is being held at Spiral, a complex facility in Aoyama, Tokyo!

This event is to feel "the sea of ​​the sea" from various perspectives and approach the "sea forest", the source of our lives. We are also selling Sea Begitable products at the product sales corner! It will be held until August 12 (Fri), so if you are nearby.

Exhibited at Pass The Baton Market Vol.8!

This was the second store, but I was very happy to be able to interact with many people, including repeaters. The next store opening is still undecided, but we will inform you as soon as it is decided.

-The hot spring dojo x Siebigitable "Seawear bath" started!

We conducted a sea oily bath and a seaweed clay (seaweed pack) inspired by the Argoterapy only on the sea day. We are planning an exciting event with hot springs x seaweed in the future!


▼ About product shipment during the Bon Festival

During the following period, we will take a break from shipping the product without permission during the Obon period.
* Orders are accepted at any time.

[Shipping holiday period] August 13 (Sat) -An August 17th (Wednesday)

[Shipment of product] Orders after August 13 (Sat) will be shipped sequentially from Thursday, August 18, which is closed. If you are in a hurry, please order by August 10 (Wed).

We apologize for any inconvenience for those who are in a hurry. Thank you for your understanding.