The seaweed kitchen opens along the Meguro River! ~ Siebige letter Vol.1 ~

 [Delivery date:April 1, 2022 】

For two days only from April 2 (Sat) to April 3 (Sun), we sell original food and drinks using Sujia Onori.
It will end as soon as it is sold out, so please come as soon as possible!

A new aspect of blue glue that I have never met before

Ishizaka, the culinary development of the seaweed, is handled by Ishizaka for the blue glue sweets, snacks, and drinks sold this time.

He cooks while facing a number of seaweeds on a regular basis, drawing out the unknown charm of blue glue.


■ Provided menu

Blue glue and cherry blossom ice cream

 Blue glue and cherry blossom ice cream

A little adult taste with spring fragrances
During the blue glue milk ice cream

Blue glue & sour cream potato

-Ori Nori &Sour cream potato

For those who like salt salt
Luxurious potatoes by blue glue shops 

Charcoal -grilled chicken & baby hijiki and blue glue lichotta brito

 Charcoal -grilled chicken & baby hijiki and blue glue lichotta brito

The scent of fragrant chicken and the crunchy texture of the siebeji character.
Homemade Blue Nori Ricotta cheese and a burrito wrapped in many ingredients

 Homemade blue paste kombucha -blue apple scent ~

Kombucha with blue glue! ? To you who was surprised.
Very refreshing and fruity Sea Vegetable original fermented drink


■ Date: 4/2 (Sat) -4/3 (Sun) 11: 00-16: 00 

■ Location: 1-6-10 Uemeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051


We also sell product sales, so you can actually pick up the products handled in the online store. 

Foods and drinks are limited, but please drop in for cherry blossom viewing!